Dreaming in color

When work requires extended hours of attention—ends late nights and starts very early the next day—it’s always wise to “live next door” of work. Isn’t that what traveling businessmen do all the time?

That’s exactly what I did on a recent project I needed to oversee for a client. I stayed in the best place closest to where my job was— just across the street. “Home” was connected by a covered walkway to the venue.

The walkway that connect "home" to work.

So for a few nights, the clock chiming midnight (or even way past) never became a problem knowing that I was thirty seconds away (shorter if I walk faster) from a warm, relaxing “rain” shower, a cool, vibrantly colored room and a mattress made in heaven where I can slide in between its crisp white sheets. Dreams came in a snap of a finger.

Here you can dream in color.

Waking up for the early morning appointments wasn’t a struggle because like I said, I lived next door. It was glorious to overstay in slumberland, in my technicolor dreams for a couple precious minutes more, rise when I wanted to, freshen up and responded to my emails before feasting on the warm breakfast spread (that also offers the healthier options I prefer), and not having to rush out and ride along the red light-beaters on the road trying to make to their destinations on time. Imagine the time saved plus the stress I avoided over the thought of not getting enough rest, skipping the much-needed caffeine and rushing through the heavy traffic the city is (slowly but surely) achieving notoriety for had I chosen to stay home for this project.

Yes, I live in Davao and my project was in the same city. My problem was commuting the distance from the South to the North, which would definitely use up the time that can be allotted to work and, most importantly, rest. So I decided to make Park Inn by Radisson my “home” for a couple of nights until the event I needed to oversee at the SM Lanang Premier was done. It was one of the wisest move I did for this project and, most especially, for myself.

Home was right next door from work.

Now, let me tell you about Park Inn by Radisson. It’s a 204-room newly built hotel next to SMX Convention Center and SM Lanang Premier. I call this place “a box of chocolate” case, you really never know what you’re going to get. It’s exterior is cream-colored box devoid of fancy architectural appliqués, no frills, an unpretentious look that delivers an image of an “uncomplicated hotel.”

This is a "box of chocolate"

But the surprises came as soon as I stepped in (it was my first time to do so since it opened months back). Witnessing Park Inn’s contemporary look— light colored-interior, sleek appointments in bright hues popping across the lobby and dining hall—the “Adding Colors to Life” made sense, the place felt jovial.

Colors popping in Park Inn.

At the different levels of the hotel, a designated single hue is splashed on the elevator halls—bright yellow on 2, crimson on 4, amber on 5, etc.— and is carried on the doorframes jutting out of the dark-toned hallway. I remember my floor, it’s light green on 6th. The color will remind me if I was on the right level.

Color coding. Each floor has a designated color that runs from the elevator hall to the room entrances.

But the hotel’s “adding colors” maxim goes beyond the superficial. My short stay was indeed “colorful” with Park Inn’s focus on delivering the modern essentials of a “great hotel experience” through their service—with efficiency and warmth (I say the smile will always be the color of sunshine!).

The best color in the hotel- the smile. It's the color of sunshine

From the rooms to the food and beverage outlet (fyi RBG- Restaurant Bar & Grill- serves a fantastic buffet spread of great value on weekends), the staff was friendly and vibrant, and quick in to respond to however small my requests were.

The freshest green to succulent steaks, RBG has it.

So the event went well and was deemed successful by many. But the success was brought about by many factors and one of them—which did matter a lot—was my stay at the Park Inn by Radisson. The nightly rejuvenation was quick, energy level was high in the mornings, and that made me perform my job with more efficiency.

The sweetest welcome.

I wish I could stay longer. But if I do make it back, it will be on another scenario—a leisure traveler’s stay. If not in this hotel, maybe in one (why not all?) of the many Park Inn and Radisson Blu hotels spread across the country, Asia Pacific and Europe (Hotel Missoni sounds very fashionable). And no matter where it will be, I know I will look forward to coming “home” at the end of each and sleep soundly with dreams in color.

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