July 2013 musing: What sticks better than super glue?

Better believe it, July flew by with a snap of a finger, which is always the case with time when you’re having fun (the unexpected ones are the best!). The past days were filled with mighty-bonding moments with family and friends who matter, happily ridding of unwelcome company the invasive way and renewing ties with old ones.

These are the relationships that I spent time stacking the building blocks on and fortifying through the years. Though I have a (very) funny way of showing my (seemingly non-existent) affection, they love me back anyway.

That goes with the excess fats, too. My injudicious feasting caused it to love me unconditionally and hugged me tightly for years. It was time to break free from its loving embrace the only manner possible at my age—the invasive way.

Salamat dok!

Yes, after decades of contemplating (with much consultation from friends, non-Romans and countrymen) and attempting, I finally took to the “table” and had a liposuction. I have to thank Dr. Dennis Tan, the Cosmetic Surgeon from the Bethany Medical & Dental Group, for getting rid of 1.3 liters of excess baggage I carried around my waist via a quick and painless extraction procedure.

My fats are ready to be slaughtered (& I'm ready to document it). Doc Dennis seem to be very excited.

I am on my third week of recuperation and doing a Pia Moran dance to the tune of “I’m feeling sexy tonight.” Most importantly, I am ecstatic to see a long lost friend – my waistline. I promise not to let you go this time. 

After the procedure are smiling faces. Me less 1.3 liters of fat & excited to touch base
with my long-lost waist 
& Doc Dennis looking satisfied that I am happy.

Celebrations in red and silver.

What I thought was a simple family gathering turned out to be a big party (you know the feeling of being underdressed?). It was my brother & sis-in-laws silver wedding anniversary, their daughter turned 18, and the youngest son stepped into the teenage years, it was sis-in-law’s mom’s birthday as well.

Bea, the only girl is 18, Ray & Let is on their 25th year of blissful togetherness & Javi steps into his teenage years.

The joint celebration was a riot! My deranged brother certainly passed on his crazed genes to his offspring and the result is one big, tightly knit, happy family. It was a “circus of love” which they proudly displayed that night to everyone’s joy. I am proud to say that I am part of this family tree.

18 & 80. Bea dances with Lolo Dad.

And then they were three.

I met her as a hotelier, had “one drink-s” as islanders, created a special bond with her as a Yoga mentor, witnessed her exchanged vows with her husband in paradise and cut in their wedding dance to rock it with the husband (sorry Nikki), and exchanged wanderlust stories with them as travelers. 

Recently, Nikki took on the role of motherhood to Indie, a handsome boy with the loudest cry I’ve heard for a baby his size, which made me sense the military man in him (just like lolo) more than a surfer or a yogin. J What I’m sure of is this boy will be well-traveled. 

Glowing mom Nikki & baby Indie who I met for the first time.

Congratulations Kim & Nikki! I can’t wait to walk with Indie on white sand.

The brotherhood of the traveling short pants.

I have grown to love my college friends and kept the ties strong through the years. The recent meet up was different this month—we did it in Bangkok. It was their nth time traveling together but a first for me with them. 

With college buddies in Bangkok-- Edwin, Dennis & Jo.
Vic is missing in this shot.

My time with them was sweet but shortened by work. The few hours were them was fun and can’t wait to join them on the next trip somewhere.

Before and after take off.

It’s heart-warming to be part of special occasions. I’m glad I didn’t miss Malouchi’s looking fabulous at 40 birthday party before I flew out of town (Happy Birthday Malouchi!). 

Celebrating with Malouchi who's looking fab at 40.

And, as soon as I got back, I joined the same group of friends to witness the annual gathering of the AA Group of Companies. (Congratulations on your successful event Anthony and Jenny!)

With Anthony & Jenny Ang in their company's annual event & Anavi.

Just like that, August is around the corner and the city will be in the festive mode again. I’m sure the month will hold a lot of exciting stories to share.

Splendid selfies made possible by Agoda.com.

Well, what can I say? I’m one lucky b-tch to get a chance to stay in Bangkok’s fanciest hotels, all of which can be accessed and booked through my and everyone’s travel bible— Agoda.com.
In the age of selfies, here are two of the best hotels anyone can take a good selfie shot in: the Hotel Muse in Langsuan Road (Read my story here: http://jeepneyjinggoy.blogspot.com/2013/07/hotel-muse-occidental-oriental-all.html  and book here: http://www.agoda.com/asia/thailand/bangkok/hotel_muse_bangkok.html). 

To date, this is the most beautiful and luxurious boutique hotel I’ve stayed in. Hotel Muse fuses the opulence of the East and West in one luxuriously decorated hotel with rooms fittingly named after Buddhist devas. 

Selfie @ Hotel Muse's impressive bathroom of the Juta Deluxe Room.

The W Hotel is a different story. This tres chic hotel is very modern with ingenious touches of the Thai culture infused in its interior design (book here: http://www.agoda.com/asia/thailand/bangkok/w_bangkok_hotel.html). My stories about this WOW hotel soon.

Selfie @ the W Hotel's al fresco section of The Kitchen Table, the hotel's chic dining outlet. 

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Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on July 28, 2013.