Helium tongues & PDAs

This gathering proves my point— insanity does run in this family. In a good way, that is, I am part of the genetic make-up of this family after all.

For these bunch, there certainly was a reason to celebrate big time and load it up with loving PDAs. It’s been 25 years now since Ray and Let exchanged vows, their only daughter, Bea, turned 18. the youngest of the five siblings, Javi, stepped into his teenage years, and Let’s mom, Aging, was also celebrating her birthday.

25-18-13. The numbers to celebrate

It was Mommy Aging's birthday, too.

It was a 4-in-1 mix that turned out to be a riot of a party where each member of the family pitched in to make it so. The couple shared their rib-tickling first encounter and the secrets to their marital bliss. It segued to Mommy Aging’s touching moment when she was handed roses one at a time by her loved ones.

A warm hug for Mommy Aging from Paeng.

If there was someone who turned the venue upside down, it would be Javi. This kid must have inherited much of his father’s prankster genes. He certainly delivered his message of gratitude with oomph—helium-ized! The youngest kid had to be “blamed” for this hilarious turnout.

Javi delivers his "helium-ized" message.

Of course, the father had to join in. When Ray gave his same helium-induced reply, a chipmunk dialogue transpired. But it was not until Let joined in the conversation that made all the guests doubled up with laughter. It was a most hysterical heart-to-heart exchange.

The chipmunk exchange

With a lighter mood, Bea took her place on the floor for the debutante’s ceremony—18 roses and her dance with the most important men in her life—Dad, four brothers, lolo and the boy who holds her heart now.

A tender moment between Dad & daughter

Bea & the men in her life.

Soon after, everyone joined in the fun singing with the band and dancing.

After this celebration that I have listed as one of “the most enjoyable parties for 2013.”, I have a newfound, adult appreciation for balloons. These floating plastic toys that brought me joy as a child. Kids love them and somehow some of the adults too that it became the major décor in their celebrations, wedding rites included (better believe it).

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Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on August 04, 2013.

The three generations of Salvador men.

The debutante & her clique.

PDA moment.