Round, brown and delicious

JUST when I thought the Mid-Autumn Festival would pass uneventful, the season came bearing gifts in the nick of time—four moon cakes in a bright red box trimmed with gold. The first of the round, brown and delicious sweet treats finally came. The Manila Hotel moon cakes were to die for and the box was a keeper. Thanks Babyruth!

The most elegantly packaged mooncakes I've seen by far.

Call it the “bait.” Not a moment after, Patty Tan, Marco Polo’s PR Assistant, rang and extended an invitation to celebrate the September Chinese festivity at the Lotus Court (thought bubble- buchis! My favorite round, brown and delicious dessert only this restaurant can make in Davao). How can I decline?

Forever favorite-- Lotus Court's freshly-cooked buchis!

My aura whenever I have my Lotus Court buchis (Background music: angels singing)

It seemed that only Marco Polo is the only hotel celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival in the city. I say, stick with your tradition (a pat on the shoulder). And tradition states that the celebration commences with Chinese cultural performances, this time from the students and parents of Colegio de San Ignacio.

The students & parents of Colegio de San Ignacio opened the festival with traditional Chinese dances. 

To the delight of the roomful of guests, the special buffet spread offered the best-selling dishes from the Lotus Court menu—the Homemade Tofu with Enoki Mushrooms, the Roast Peking Duck, the Stir-fried Crabs with Ginger and Onions, and many more.

One of the festival menu highlights-- Peking Duck Roll.

The dessert table, of course, presented a wide array of sugary indulgence and among them were those round, brown and delicious buchis and moon cakes. Just when I thought I was in heaven came a major discovery. On the farthest end of the spread, there lay another, if not the first, round, brown and delicious treat from childhood—the Haw Flakes. I (had to) drop my fork (to emphasize the gravity of the moment. Think Ratatouille).

Whoa! Haw Flakes! --- my favorite sari-sari store snack back then.
I see my childhood in these.

An encounter with three round, brown, delicious and best-loved confections truly made this year’s Mid-Autumn festival memorable. The good vibes will linger because I got to take home a box of moon cakes. Xiexie Lotus Court.

My Mid-Autumn fest loot bag. Thanks girls!

More mooncakes! (I can't believe these heavenly goodies contain 1,000 calories EACH!)  

The fellow media peeps Tatay Rene & Rudolph can't believe it either... especially Rudolph.