Strokes of genius

More than 200 artworks went on display on this special exhibition.

“Why don’t you give it a try?”, I was asked by the artists when I visited the opening day of their exhibit where free lessons were given for a day as well. I would loved to take one of the 350 seats offered to anyone who would want to try their hand on Chinese painting but I was afraid I would get addicted to it, just like what it did to Stella.

It's all in the wrist. A master painter teaching art techniques.

An impromptu demo. Brothers Alex & Felix sharing the canvas.

Stella has turned into an art junkie. I heard she pointed before but these days it’s different—you can’t keep her away from the paintbrush. Painting is what keeps her awake all through the night, dead tired she may be, her sniff of cocaine. Oops, I mean caffeine. 

Artistry runs in the family. Son Alex with father, Jose Lim.

If I remember it right, it was a common friend of ours, Babyruth Chuansu, who re-introduced her to the craft when she sent her new paintbrushes and fresh tubes of paints. I believe this was after the very first Chan Lim art exhibition held in Davao where more than a hundred exquisitely painted fans went on display.

Babyruth Chuansu's fruity artwork.

Since then, Stella was hooked and created impressive artworks she signed her name on. And these pieces went on display, among the 264 paintings on fans and lanterns, on the second art exhibition by the Chan Lim Family of artists and students in SM recently. I had to applaud her on her talent and achievement.

Stella Estremera with one of her first exhibited works.

I am now a fan of Stella’s fans, of Babyruth’s and Alex Chan Lim’s as well. It’s quite surprising how I was drawn into some of the pieces in the exhibit and found out that the artists are people I know. The flowers on the gold fans and fruits on white fans were Babyturth’s, and the black and white bushida-looking forest was by Dr. Alex Chan Lim, who I met before the exhibit opened.

One of my favorites by Dr. Alex Chan Lim.

And another favorite.

I wish I can own these artists’ creations. In fact, I do. Babyruth gifted me with one of her fans from the first exhibition (hashtag: proudmoment). If these exhibitions will happen often, I might just turn into a fan collector.

Stella with her "family" of artists.

Young performers at rest by the koi pond.

Congratulations Stella, Babyruth, the Chan Lim family and the rest of exhibitors! Thank you for sharing your talent, for constantly reminding everyone that there is an artist and the stroke of a genius in us. All we have to do is pick up the brush.

First step: pick up that paint brush

P.S. I know I missed the first show but I am very glad I made it to this second exhibit, Babyruth. Thank you for the inviting me again. 

Opening the exhibition.

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Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on October 6, 2013.


Davao's pride, Kublai, supporting his fellow artists.

Dr. Alex Chan Lim with Philippine Eagle Director Dennis Salvador. The PEF was the beneficiary of the first exhibition hosted by the Chan Family in Davao.

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