January 2014 musing: Of aging bless-fully.

I wake up and before I put on my make-up (you’re singing with a smile now) I pray, make coffee, turn on the computer and click on the tabs of Safari—Sun.Star, Facebook, Chuvaness and Fashion Pulis for my daily dose of local news, friends’ updates and showbiz chismis. One particular FB made me smile and decided to share it—“Don’t regret getting older. It’s a privilege denied to many.”

In Frozenlandia with Fifi & birthday girl Mischka.

For sure I am not alone in saying that I never really thought of aging in that way. Regret, no, fear, more like it. For some reason or another, many of us fear aging. To some because of vanity and to most in not knowing what the future may bring. Not even the friendly neighborhood manghuhula’s cards can tell. Perhaps your astrologer can feed your desire but keep in mind what Zenaida Seva always say, “Hindi hawak ng bituin ang ating kapalaran, gabay lamang sila. Mayroon tayong free will, gamitin natin ito.”

My stars led me to getting to going on a diet and getting a liposuction. Actually more for health reasons since my cholesterol level is way up north, and as for the latter, commerce drove me to do so. It’s more expensive to change wardrobe so I took the best road possible.

Kidding aside, I am living a very bless-ful life and more are coming. Among these blessings (one of the best) is being in the company of the fast-growing pamangkins and apos, to which my social calendar revolves around these days. I love the positive energy that envelope me whenever I go to the children’s parties. Kids are just the best! 

Letting it go with “Let It Go” @ Mischka's Frozen birthday party.

Pass the hat. The winner gets to go to Emerald City. @ Isobel's Wizard of Oz birthday bash

Of course I cannot have one of my own (against the doctor’s orders. Sa sobrang baba daw ng matres ko ay nalaglag at nawala na ito ng tuluyan) so I have to rely on my family and friends to fill up that category in my existence. I can spoil them in my own little way and/or make them cry until they become friendlier. 

Isobel needs to warm up to ninong

Officially (by blood relation) and unofficially (by affiliation) I am a tito to a good number of pamangkins. Unofficially, I am a lolo to a few, and lo and behold, recently I officially became a lolo by a nephew. I thank you, Leandro, for this joyful episode. I’m in the lolo age thus having an apo is inevitable. That will add to another children’s celebration I will be attending soon. 

I am now officially a lolo to Leandro Anthony Salvador.
Getting older means seeing your family grow.

And speaking of parties, have you seen how children’s parties are celebrated these days? It’s unbelievable! The preparation rivals that of a wedding reception. (Is the pressure the same?) When these grand parties started, I do not know. I am not a parent so I cannot relate to the pouring of love to an offspring and I am not one to question it either because I love going to these parties. I never had those so I might as well enjoy them like they were my own. J

A lolo lining up for a loot bag

So I went to Mischka’s Frozen party to celebrate her 6th birthday. The kids were in their regal garbs and singing the soundtrack to which this lolo here cannot relate to, again, because he hasn’t seen the movie. 

Happy birthday, Mischka!

Frozen's Princess Elsa topping Osvaldo's cake creation.

Princesses in a row

But of Isobel’s first birthday bash in Oz, this lolo and ninong was able to relate to (classic kasi) and went clicking the heels of his red shoes. 

Mom & dad with the birthday girl, Isobel

Isobel's cake by Baby Cakes

Achi is the Hairless Monkey of Oz

Young Ladies & gentlemen in a “Gentleman” showdown

As I age, the number of kids in the family and circle of friends will grow. It’s my blessing, “a privilege denied to many”. Expect my social life to be more active as I get invited to more children’s parties that will allow me to interact with the younger set. After all, it’s far better to be greeted with mano po in these parties than in some hip club in the city.

Of apples & lemons.

An apple for the retro vibe. I see Seda Hotel as a blessing to the growing city. Not even a year old, it graciously hosted an appreciation party for its partners in the industry. The stand out in the well-attended gathering were the cocktail spread—it was good, my hats off to the chef whoever it was—and the bar that offered an impressively wide selection of drinks. 

What I loved most of all was the lively retro vibe of the Latin-themed party that seem to channel the master showman’s late night gig with the glittery, fabric-draped stage with dancers in ruffled skirts and coattails shaking to Mas Que Nada on it. 

A burst of fire & colors.
GM Kennedy Capulong with Seda's version of a Latin Night with performers in stilts, ruffled skirts & feathered headdresses.

Swish, sweep & swing went the fully ruffled skirts of Seda's latin belles starring in the evening's show...

...their feathers fluttered to the Latin beat...

...and executed striking terpsichorean extensions. Pak!

I swear, if lovely hostess Claudette Centeno was garbed in a shimmering tuxedo, it would have been a riot of a theme party. 

Seda GM Ken Capulong with lovely emcee of the evening, Claudette Centeno.

It was fun! Thank you Seda, GM Kennedy Kapulong, MarCom Dir. Nel Ruiz, and Gel Ferrer (who announced that this latin themed party was her farewell event produced for the hotel).

Seda's MarCom Dir. Nel Ruiz (left) & GM Ken Capulong (3rd from right) with the Davao media.

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Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on January 26, 2014.