8 things single people (and couples) can enjoy this Valentine’s week

Table for two? No. For one, please.

Somehow, more than on any day in the year, mulling longer over being single comes on this appointed day—Valentine’s Day. But if you’re one who has embraced the virtues of singledom (and even reveling in it) and can state with confidence “I love you. But I love me more,” ala Samantha Jones in Sex and the City, then you can head out and enjoy a date with yourself on the day of hearts or whenever you feel like it (without having to explain to anyone why).

Where to go? What to do? Here are 8 self-indulgent things single people can enjoy this Valentine’s weekend. (Dating couple’s can have a go at these, too.)

1. Have a cheese-y time at Enzo’s Lounge…

…just because you love wine and cheese and have been doing so all the time. There are places in the city that offer cheese platters on the menu but there is one place that exclusively serves cheese you have to go to—Leon’s Lounge. This cheese haven, my dear, is cheese heaven!

All that cheese in a platter! Davao Cheese Queen Olive Puentespina built Leon’s Lounge, the new home of the Malagos Cheeses. Seen here, Olive entertaining Manila & Davao media. (Photo courtesy of Meg Sta. Ines)

Finally, Davao cheese royalty Olive Puentespina opened up a place to house and highlight, serve and sell the artisanal cheeses of Malagos—fresh goat cheese, Chevre, Blue Goat Cheese, Blue Peppato, Feta, Blush, etc., cheeses that has gained popularity (and following) across the country and the globe.

Whatever Malagos Cheeses are on the shelf, Olive will gladly create a cheese platter for you. While you’re at it, pop a bottle of Malagos Sweet Wine to go with those heavenly goodies you’re nibbling on.

Leon’s Lounge is at the Puentespina Orchid Garden along Bolcan Street, Agdao. Call (082) 226-4446.

2. Or go cheesy over Piolo’s latest flick…

… and do it at the Abreeza Cinema. I love the reserve seating, the wide and well-cushioned chairs, and the right quantity of it. I believe this is the most comfortable and chic cinema in town. Unlike in other cinemas, Abreeza allows you to bring the snacks of your choice not necessarily bought from the cinema food kiosks.

Chic & comfortable, Abreeza Cinema is where you should catch the latest flicks in the city.

Grab a bag of popcorn and a drink, choose your preferred seat in the movie and scream “I love you, Piolo!” over Starting Over. Or perhaps shed a tear or two in a romantic drama starring Collin Farrell in Winter’s Tale, snicker on another of Clooney’s comedy drama in Monuments Men, and a catch few more entertaining films on extended run.

Abreeza Cinemas are on the third level of the Abreeza Mall. Call (082) 321-9332.

3. Listen to good music. Live!

If you like GOOD music performed by honest to goodness GOOD artists then make sure you catch “We Got The Love, The Greatest Hits Reunion.” The New Minstrels (Joey Albert, Chad Borja, Ray-An Fuentes, Ding Mercado, Louie Reyes, and Eugene Villaluz) and Circus Band (Hajji Alejandro, Pat Castillo, Jacqui Magno, Tillie Moreno, and Basil Valdez), the groups that dominated the local music scene in the 70s, will be back on stage for a very special one-night only show. 

For the love of love and good music. It’s the only concert in the month of love, not to mention a bevy of fabulous singers in one show, so better not miss it. You don’t need a date to enjoy this one. (Photo 

This will surely be an amazing and very entertaining musical performance. And, the ticket prices are not bad, cheap actually, considering the names and number of artists involved in this one show. 

“We Got The Love, The Greatest Hits Reunion” is on February 15 at the SMX, SM Lanang Premier. For tickets, call 285-1184, 0923-440-6374, 0923-961-4341, 0917-792-8910.

4. Do yoga…

… because yoga can make you healthy, wealthy and wise. Step on the mat, center yourself and be surprised with what you can learn from listening to your body. With yoga you can get to know your body, love it for what it is and what it can turn to. 

Yoga will give you that glow that will make you extra attractive to everyone.

The benefits of this discipline, visible and not, are endless. After every class, you will emerge calm, thankful and feeling good. Plus, the positive aura and good vibes you exude will be very contagious (which will explain why you are extra attractive to everyone).

Holiday Gym & Spa along Torres Street offers daily yoga classes. Call (082) 222-3041.

5. Feast on the food of the gods….

… because unlike life, you know for sure that whatever chocolate you get from the box will make you feel good (you don’t have to wait for a gift. Go get a box, the kind you really fancy). Chocolate triggers feel-good chemicals in our brain, and the dark variety is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants that are beneficial for your heath. It’s safe to say that chocolates are good for the heart in more ways than one. That’s something to be happy about. 

The feel good potion. Chocolates is the food of the gods, and you know you are one. (Image by Marcel Wanders for M&S)

Get your chocolates at Marks & Spencer. Call M&S Abreeza Mall (082) 321-7231, or M&S SM Lanang Premier (082) 285-1293.

6. Eat a whole Crème Brulee cake….

…. not because you are bitter but because this confection is so light that you can finish an entire cake all by yourself. The buzz finally reached me and got to try it—and I loved it! Lachi’s Crème Brulee is a fluffy sponge cake with mildly sweetened whipped cream filling, custard topping with the contrasting crusty caramel.

Get a (low intensity) rush. This Lachi’s Crème Brulee spin-off is perfectly sweetened that you can finish a whole cake. You can share it, only if you like.

Breaking into this confection is less sinful (so I think, and believe) because of its lightness in texture and very pleasant sprinkling of sweetness that I love in my desserts. You don’t need a date to finish an entire cake, but if you have a date, you can share, if you like.

Lachi’s is at Ruby Street, Marfori Heights. Call (082) 224 5552.

7. Even better, indulge in a dessert buffet at Sea Green Cafe!

Recently turned one, the Sea Green Café & Lifestyle Shop will be preparing something very special for everyone to indulge in—a buffet of their popular desserts— the Tablea, Tofu and Lemon Cheescakes, all created with healthier ingredients sourced out locally. This means an unending serving of these fabulous treats until you wave the white flag. 

Imagine an unending serving of this delight— the Tablea Cheesecake, along with other delights like Tofu & Lemon Cheesecakes created with healthier ingredients. Don’t miss this love offering of Sea Green Café.

Dating or date-less, take advantage of this rare extravagance for lunch and dinner on February 14th only. Oh, you won’t mind the extra calories if these are the treats you are having, believe me.

Sea Green Café & Lifestyle Shop is at Circumferential Road, Doña Vicenta Subd. Call (082) 305-4765.

8. Immerse in a pool of pure pleasure at Lazuli Spa…

… because like all the sweets you lavished on, you deserve it! There is no better place to luxuriate in this blissful moment than in Lazuli Spa. 

Aaaahhh heaven! At Lazuli Spa you will get pampered in luxury & style, and emerge relaxed & radiant.

It’s a “Romantic Get-away” for you and yourself—a 120-minute indulgence that includes a Tea Tree Facial, Relaxing Swedish and Foot Massage, and if you have a date, the couples package includes an Anti-aging Facial, Lemongrass Foot Care, Traditional Combination Massage, Floral Bath or Foot Massage for 150 minutes. 

Emerge from Lazuli Spa relaxed and radiant. How’s that to end your day? 

Lazuli Spa is at the Marco Polo Hotel, C.M. Recto Street. Call (082) 221-0888 loc 7280/7903.

All the single ladies (and men), put your hands up! Remember, to give your heart to who deserves it first and foremost—yourself. It is only that when you learn to love yourself that you can start loving others. J

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Published in Sun.Star Davao newspaper on February 09, 2014.