It’s that time

It used to be “tito” and then came “lolo.” It’s inevitable, the time has come that I have to hop aboard the “lolo” ship. An apo is born in the family and this baby I can officially call my grandchild, not directly on my lineage but still of blood via my brother’s son.

So I welcome the very first in-law in the family.

The addition surely was a happy one, another youngster we can all dote on and play with, and who, somewhere across the globe will call him a nephew, though they are a couple of months apart by age.

Meet Tonton. This apo of mine stole everyone’s hearts on his parents’ wedding day.

Another welcome addition to the family tree is the mom, Mariel, who officially tied the knot with my nephew, Leandro, not too long ago. She was the second female in the family of five with Bea the only girl in the family. “She’s the other daughter, kind and respectful, I’ve been wanting to have,” said Letlet of her new daughter-in-law as she welcomed her to the family.

Be a used to be the only girl in the family.
Then Mariel came to the family…...Mariel with her 2 moms, Mary Anne Periquet-Cristobal & Leticia Facundo-Salvador, & the photobombing groom

The young couple’s wedding rite was a very intimate and simple occasion, which probably made the whole gathering a very relaxed one attended by the family and friends close to the couple’s hearts. 

Andoy & Mariel with Ninong Dennis, Ninang Joji, Kuya Ato, Fr. Randy Vergara, Mommy Letlet, Msgr. Paul Cuizon, Tita Nancy & Tito Poiee.

With Ninong Junjun & Ninang Ela & another photobomber

Andoy’s pretty cousins, Gabbie & Pili, were the flower girls

Mariel’s best friend & Maid of Honor, Danielle Yrasuegui

Mariel with her family

It was quick and made fun by the presence of the little boy, Tonton, who was especially charming that day as he hogged the limelight.

A very welcome addition to Ray & Letlet’s family, Mariel & Tonton.

As for the party after the “I do’s”, it was another story. It was a whole day affair that kicked off at lunch, after the well-wishes and speeches, and ended pretty much late at night turning Happy Home what it was truly meant for—a happy home for everyone who enters it. 

Best Man & best kuya, Ato, sharing his thoughts & wishes to the newlyweds

Guests came in batches that were offered to dine, drink or dine and drink. The sumptuous buffet (by the caterer named after the groom) was a go-to pulutan counter, which pretty much shows which option the guests opted for.

Groupie with good friends

Yes, the time has come. For Leandro and Mariel who will have to play a most important role in their lives as husband and wife and father and mother, for my brother and his wife who welcomed being grandparents and new parents, to Lolo Dad who’s blessed with another branch in the family tree, and me? I’m proud to say I’m now a lolo to my very first apo and a tito to the first groom (and bride) in the family.

The lovely cake by Cecil's

Congratulations guys! Now, who’s next in line? Let’s wait and see.