We are family

A family this big needs a Supersize Meal.

It was like one of those television ads that promote “a family that eats together ___________,” (fill in the blank). Pavan Kakar, Park Inn by Radisson Davao’s General Manager, invited the city’s media (at least some of us) for a family meal. The long family table at RBG seated a dozen (the absence of one assured us it wasn’t anyone’s “last supper”). Of course, the host played the role of the head of the (big) family.

GM Pavan Kakar (center) as the "father" on this gathering

And like the TV ads, the table was filled with food of fiesta quantity—big servings of salads and appetizers were served after our soup. More huge servings of crispy roasted pork belly and Lemon-Cilantro White Fish en Papillote followed with a couple big bowls of rice, then two huge pizzas came and a pitchers of softdrinks. Like how any good meal ends, the desserts came – two whole cakes and a jelly dessert for each of us.

“All these on the table is only two orders of our new Supersize Family Meals,” reveals Meg Sta. Ines, Park Inn’s PR Manager. (Gasps of disbelief across the table).

Half of the “family.” CQ Francisco, that’s me, GM Pavan Kakar, Marilyn Roque, Mike Dakudao, PR Manager Meg Sta. Ines & Annie Perez, Director of Sales.

The other half of the family- Amy Cabusao, Ian Garcia. Maya Padillo, Jesse Boga & Kenneth Ong. 

Aside from the casual, spacious and relaxed atmosphere that makes for a great family bonding, RBG’s dining concept also gives focus on group value. “This is why we came up with the idea of a putting together on the table all-time favorites, particularly on weekends when everyone has more the time to get together and enjoy each other’s company,” shared our host and designated padre de familia for the day, GM Pavan Kakar.

One of my favorite salads on the menu- the Apple, Mango, Celery Salad

“Simply put, Supersize it,” the GM said. “We invite everyone to dine with us and try our Supersize set meals. It’s not like the usual set meal with which you’re just made to choose from 2 or 3 packages. With Supersize, you get to create your own set with your choice of appetizer, soup, salad, starch, entrée, desserts and drink, plus a family size pizza --- all for only Php1,699.00net! Bundled together, you’ll get one big meal good enough for a group of 5.”

Tender & tasty, the Lemon-Cilantro White Fish en Papillote (above). Meat lover's dish- the Crispy, Roasted Pork Belly (below)

“We understand that there’s more to a satisfying meal than just a generous serving of food on one’s plate. It also has to give you value for money. When you divide the package price of Supersize by the number of diners, you’ll realize that each one is actually getting more value in that package instead of ordering by the dish.”

 A Supersize Meal will get you 1 whole cake & 5 jelly dessert of your choice.

So folks, if you have plans on dining out on a weekend with family and friends, stir towards Park Inn by Radisson Davao as RBG offers generous set meals that will stuff everyone up from appetizer to dessert. The Supersize Meal food promo is available for lunch and dinner every Saturday and Sunday.

Supersize it! The pizza, that is. It can feed a family of 5, again, the pizza. But you can request Alphine to serve it— the pizza.

Here’s more, while waiting to be served or want to extend the bonding moments after your Supersize Meal, try your hand on the family games we all grew up with—the Snakes and Ladders, Boggle, the Sungka and the Uno Stacko. 

Games we grew up with (my generation, at least)

It’s amazingly fun to play it with your family and friends. Well, it certainly drew cheers and shrieks from us.

On the other end of the table, the “kids” are playing. Amy Cabusao, Ian Garcia, Meg Sta. Ines, Maya Padillo, Jesse Boga & Kenneth Ong.

For the selfie addicts, a selfie stick is available at your disposal to capture the moments with you, the photographer, in the frame of course. While you’re snapping away like crazy, how about sharing your “group selfies’ with the Supersize Meal in Instagram and tag #rbgsupersize and @parkinndavao in your post? You just might win a complimentary Supersize Meal for your next visit. Winners will be notified through direct message and email.

You want to have “We are family” moment? Call 272 7600 for reservations and inquiries.

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Published in the SunStar Davao newspaper on October 10, 2014.