The sheep not meek on their night

YES, the lambs screamed… with joy! With good reason at that, it was, after all, their night to celebrate, as it is their turn to shine in the Chinese Lunar calendar and call the shots. This 2015, these meek creatures dictate which signs they jibe with will be blessed with luck, and which signs they are not particularly fond off won’t be as blessed.

2015 is the Year of the Wooden Sheep

So who’s lucky and what’s in store for the other signs in the cycle? Along with their wool-clothed tribe, the Goat, Rabbit and Pig will be especially charmed; in the coming month, the Dragon, Rat and Monkey will be challenged to drop their old ways and move in new directions (I say, if that’s “What Makes You Beautiful”, then head that way!); relationships take front row and demand attention for the Ox, Snake and Rooster on the second quarter of the year. But with careful planning, determination and patience, this bunch will be reaping their rewards towards the year’s end; and for the Tiger, Horse and Dog, hearts will be spelling l-u-c-k when the New Moon of August shines upon them. The Sheep shall bleat, ”Listen to your hearts and do more of the things you enjoy.”

The Wooden Dragon in good company to meet the Year of the Wooden Sheep

But on the eve of February 19th, when the Year of the Wood Sheep was officially welcomed, luck was upon all those who came to the Chinese New Year celebration of Marco Polo Davao, no matter what their signs are. The annual fete was kicked off with the traditional Dragon and Lion Dances, when the sound of the beating drums stamped out the bad vibes, and everyone was showered with gold coins for a bountiful year ahead.

Marco Polo Davao’s OIC, Armenio Lorenzo, dots the eye of the lion.

The dragon & the lion dance for prosperity

Are you looking at me? You're gonna hear me roar!

The red lion has set its eye on the bottle of wine

It's going for it…..

Aaaaaand touchdown! 

Duty calls. But would you dare wake up a drunken lion?

The plucking of the auspicious green vegetables & red envelope

Good fortune can never be more present than in the bountiful spreads the hotel prepared in their food outlets, the Café Marco and the Lotus Court. I had my share of great food at the latter, my favorite Chinese restaurant, where the buchi, along with the other house specialties—the Peking Duck served Three Ways, Homemade Tofu with Mushrooms, etc., are the best in the land.

Lotus Court, where buchi is the best in the land!

To highlight the joyful occasion, the talented young artists, students of Colegio de San Ignacio, performed traditional cultural songs and dances from the different regions of China.

The Pretty Orchids performed by 1st year HS students

Green Dream from the Grade 3 students

Bowl and Chopstick from the 4th Year HS students

Kung hei fat choy! May good fortune be upon you this year.

The night is never complete without a fortune cookie.

Here's what my fortune cookie said…


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Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on February 22, 2015