February 2015 musing: Happy dragon

IT'S here, the year of the Wooden Sheep, and this Wooden Dragon’s fortune has been written for the year. While the stars list a mix of the good tidings and fair warning, I will always read it as guides and not my destiny (Thank you, ZenaidaSeva).

Welcoming the Year of the Sheep

The first month of the Lunar Calendar entered with fun and fanfare. It was busy. Busy is good. Busy that I had to cancel my trip to my “office,” that island destination that I call home. It’s been a while since I’ve stepped on its talc-like sand. It’s not time for the visit.

There was good reason for the cancellation. The Sheep’s ushered in the first wave of prosperity, not only for me, but for the rest of the Dabawenyos.

A bucket list entry, check.

My trip to Boracay was not cancelled but moved to a later date, that much I will say. And before I dive into azure water of the island, I will lie under a blanket of blooms. It’s an entry in my bucket list that has been waiting to happen. Finally, I will make it back to this wonderful nation on the season I’ve been meaning to visit for years!

Special guest officially opening the Davao Mega Travel Sale 2015

Luck was on my side, I discovered a deal of a lifetime at the recent travel trade show hosted by DTAA.

A new shopping destination.

FelcrisCentrale finally opened its doors to the public. It promises another lifestyle destination in the city with its mixed-use complex. Inaugurated is the first phase of the project—the offices, shopping and dining areas.

Mayor Rody Duterte leading the toast to the newest shopping & lifestyle destination in the city- Felcris Centrale.

Of all the open areas, I fell in love with deli corner at the grocery area of the mall. It will be a nice place to hang out.

In the next few years, FelcrisCentrale will grow bigger. Let’s watch out for the exciting additions.

A milestone for Davao tourism warriors

It turned Ruby. They work hard to bring in the tourists and worked even harder to keep them coming on the most unfortunate times. They made sure the city’s picture remains attractive in the eyes of every potential and returning visitor no matter what the circumstances are.

The tourism warriors at 40 & counting. A salute to the Davao Tourism Association on their Ruby Year.

Congratulations on your 40th year DATA! I salute you.

Lion dancing & Oriental cuisine.

There was much more to buchi this time at the Lotus Court of the Marco Polo Davao. After the Lion dancing, the annual tradition of the hotel to welcome the Chinese New Year, the hotel flew in Chef Arno Huang from Xiamen who whipped up authentic Cantonese dishes.

After the Dragon Dancing to meet the Sheep Year, the Dragons (that’s Stella & I) had a taste of Xiamen cuisine prepared by this man, Chef Arno Huang.

A taste of Xiamen is a good reason to head back to Lotus Court. The dishes will be served until March 3.

Ten years for the ten toes.

Everybody’s favorite stylish flip-flops, Havaianas, is celebrating ten colorful years in this part of the map. It’s been a decade since the Brazilian footwear stepped on Davao soil and made our ten toes happy with its spectrum of pigments.

Obrigado, said Havaianas to Davao on its 10th year in the city. Launching the 2015 collection with these ladies.

On this happy occasion, Havaianas unveiled the 2015 collection at their Obrigada event.


It’s bringing the UK tradition of tea parties to Davao. Marks & Spencer hosted a tea party for 6 of Davao’s tea set collectors. The special event was extended in the afternoon with the M&S Tea & Tea biscuits sampling for the M&S members and special guests.

The calm before the glamor. Pre-party gathering before the M&S hosted tea party for these tea set-collecting ladies, with Paul Borroemo as photographer & Meg Sta. Ines co-styling with Otoy Mercado.

The party and sampling may have ended but not the fun as the collectors agreed to have their exquisite collections to be exhibited at the M&S Food Hall (until today) and M&S offering discounts on the traditional teas (30% off) and tea biscuits (15% off).

This dragon was very happy in February.


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