What women really want. A confession.

“ROMANCE? Don’t you think it’s overrated? I can buy myself dinner and wine, of the finest kind at that. I can buy the perfect bloom I fancy with the right color, variety and breed from England or wherever. I can buy anything I want with the money I earn. Give me something I desire, something practical…yet expensive. Something I can show off that you, my dear man, really love me.”

It was delivered like lines from a movie script. The woman didn’t mince on her words. It flowed out fluidly from her Chanel-dabbed scarlet lips like fine red wine from a crystal decanter.

Unlike some men, this is a "pest" that will always be welcome, a bee of gold studded with brilliant diamonds.

I was searching for an interesting Valentine’s topic when I bumped into this woman with strong character, who was not afraid to speak her mind. She agreed to an interview as long as she remained anonymous.

Strikingly chic and polished, she was in a very tasteful look for day— printed pastel shift dress, low-heeled slip-ons and leather satchel, and 14mm pearls, shape and luster perfect, for jewelry, with all labels hidden behind the finely crafted pieces: Pucci, Valentino, and Jewelmer. Her perfect make-up made her look sweet and meek, but don’t let the outward appearance fool you.

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She is aging very well, and she gives credit to her regimen and regular visits to every woman’s best friends—the dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon, as no evidence of the middle ages have marked her flawless, tight facial skin. If there was a loyalty membership to these centers, she’ll be flashing a platinum card.

“Why not? I can afford to keep it this way,” this slim, statuesque mannequin said, “I want to be beautiful, “For myself, first and foremost. Others’ appreciation is just a bonus.” She spends her own money on these vanities.

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Women these days are more empowered. They have mastered to balance time between family and career, taking the top tier seats in the corporate world, if not owning the enterprise. These power vixens have become more financially independent. Subservience to the perceived-to-be-stronger male counterparts is no longer existent.

Along with the control is the new definition of romance. “Don’t get me wrong. Wining and dining, flowers and chocolates are sweet and nice,” she said, “If you are still in high school or courting stage,” she remarked with a grin.

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“After years of commitment, men still think what worked before still applies today. It has become clockwork to this species, the most convenient, but not the most creative and effective. It’s like an appointment entry on the desk calendar: February 14, send flowers or reserve in restaurant. I don’t even want to know what or who the entry is on the 13th or 15th,” she laughs.

“So what does women desire today? A 50 Shades of Grey romance?” I asked.

“Yes, that!” she agreed, giggling, “And jewelry.”

“Nothing can romance the woman better than jewelry. Very few women will admit it, but this is what they desire most when asked what they would want for Valentine’s. If we had it our way, we will go for the jewelry. Well, it’s what I want,” she confessed.

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When I asked her what kind of jewelry she fancies, she replied, “Something practical, tasteful and timeless in design. Diamonds and pearls are always good investment pieces, and rubies and emeralds are gorgeous colors to add to a collection. I wear gold in basic designs, but for my statement pieces I have silver jewelry, which is a wise choice of metal for the more stylish designs that tend to be heavier in weight.”

“Silver,” I echoed.

“Yes, silver. I don’t understand why a lot of women are averse to owning silver jewelry. It’s still a precious metal, costs less and a practical if you want to own statement jewelry. I can wear them daily and no one will know if it’s white gold or gilded unless I tell them,” she shared, and added, “Then there are those who’ll say that silver can’t be pawned, to which I always respond to with, “You pawn?””

Stylish statement: Chunky charm bracelet in sterling silver plated in yellow gold. (Get this at Argento del Salvador)

My next question was, “So you’re saying you’re not happy with the ‘customary” Valentine’s gift anymore?”

“Oh, I will be so happy to accept the flowers, if he hands it to me in Amsterdam, agree to a dinner date as long as the restaurant overlooks the Aegean Sea or a vineyard in the Tuscany, and accept the chocolates, homemade and dark, in Belgium. That will be very romantic!” she said with sparkling eyes. “Let the men work a little harder for romance,” she laughs.

Come to think of it, there is truth to this woman’s words. Flowers do wilt, memories do fade, and that’s not a pretty picture. But jewelry, diamonds especially, can last a lifetime.

“Not to mention I get to keep it if and when we split up, sell it or pass it on to my heir.” Her Chanel-dabbed scarlet lips curl upward.