REKADO: A new haven for Filipino comfort food opens

SET to excite Davao’s culinary scene is REKADO, a new haven for Filipino comfort food. REKADO promises an array of dishes that will bring the diner home to mother's home-cooked meals to its tables.

The new home for Filipino comfort food is now open.

Located along Jacinto Extension Street, REKADO’s new home is a newly built two-storey 'house of glass'. The look of the building’s contemporary design promises a new take on the well-loved comfort food the Filipinos all grew up with.

Conceptualized by the owners and interpreted by a team of young, forward-thinking architect and interior designer, REKADO restaurant emits the look and feel of modernity—a two-level edifice wrapped in picture windows, high ceilinged interior, industrial finished flooring, the hue of the wooden accents and furniture emitting warmth in glass and steel structure, and quirky design elements issue the youthful side of the owners.

 Timeless. The absence of the clock’s hands represent the enduring flavors the Pinoys palate will always yearn for.

“It’s how we pictured this restaurant to be,” said partners and sisters, Tisha Benedicto-Sebastian and Pauline Benedicto.

Sisters & partners, Tisha Benedicto-Sebastian & Pauline Benedicto built a home where anyone yearning for Filipino comfort food is welcome.

Across the 232 square meters of dining space, an area occupying 75% of the building’s total floor area, REKADO can sit 198 diners comfortably in both the indoor and Al Fresco banquet areas.

The modern vibe of the restaurant’s scheme carries on to the plates created by culinary geniuses. On the meticulously selected recipes that form REKADO’s menu are the well-loved Pinoy dishes— comfort food that brings back fond memories of home, but with a modern twist. Expect culinary masterpieces to come out of REKADO’s kitchen, dishes creatively plated, dishes that tastes far even better than the looks display.

Contemporary, vibrant & layered with textures, REKADO interiors was designed to complement its cuisine.

REKADO’s food is enhanced the flavor using fresh “rekados”, or ingredients, sourced out locally. With each bite the diners uncover a new layer of flavor.

From the kitchen, the chef recommend the SPICY TUNA WITH MANGO - creamy style kilawan made of diced fresh tuna, Philippine Mango mixed with crab fat and spice paste, and served with Crispy Wonton; the CHICHARON WITH KILAWIN- Kilawin of Malasugi with a side salad of mixed greens & Tops of Sayote drizzled with house dressing and guava tamarind glaze and topped with crushed Chicharon; the MALAGOS CHEESE SALAD- a fruit & cheese salad of tossed greens with Malagos Goat’s cheese, grapes, dried mango, candied Pili nuts, Cherry tomatoes and cucumber.

Unique twist on ceviche, the Spicy Tuna with Mango is an exciting starter to a hearty meal.

The MOLO - Morsels of pork dumpling, shredded chicken and shrimp served in hot chicken soup, and the CHICKEN BINAKOL - native chicken simmered in fresh coconut juice with coconut meat, Malunggay and Sili leaves, take a new twist in its serving. To guarantee the dish is served hot, the hot steaming soup is poured in the dish before the diners.

Coconut delight, the Chicken Binakol brings you home to mom’s cooking.

For meat lovers, the go-to choices would be the CRISPY TADYANG- local beef short ribs braised in star anise, brown sugar and spices, fried and served with a soy vinegar dipping sauce, and the COCIDO DE RABO, slow braised ox tail in a rich tomato sauce flavored with Chorizo and garnished with garbanzos.

The spice boat.

Representing REKADO is the spice boat. The story revolves around how the galleons from faraway nations carrying on board spices landed on local shore. Just like in REKADO, each dish is a “spice boat” prepared with the right amount and blend of spices. A new flavor bursts out from the food with every bite.


REKADO Filipino Comfort Food is located at 1050 Jacinto Extension, Bgy. 11-B, Davao City. It is open daily from 10am to 10pm, with Merienda Cena menu served from 2pm – 5pm. For more information, call (082) 284-2136 or 0915-722-9299. You can also find them on, on Twitter: @RekadoDavao and Instagram with the handle @RekadoDavao

Photography: Bren Ang Photography


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