M&S Davao Style File: Kat Dalisay, a mother's playlist

Behind the success of Manic Nightnings Productions is a woman, and her name is Kat Dalisay. She has not only resuscitated the party scene in Davao, but made it bigger than life. 

This mother’s playlists. Kat juggles her two roles in style in Silver TQ Sparkle Drop Shoulder Top & 5-Pocket Jeggings, both from M&S Collection.

“It came up out of frustration actually,” Kat admitted with a grin, “ Being out of Davao and the scene for so long, then being back and seeing that nothing’s new made me a little crazy. Ideas just came in like fire balls.”

It was in September 1, 2013 when the first note of first Manic Nightning Production’s electronic dance music hit the airwaves and brought back the beat to the debilitated heart of the city’s party scene. The sky over the vast expanse of the Crocodile Park concert ground lit up with flashing lights like shooting stars. Davao was never the same again.

Nothing to wear. Dance festival architect in Classic Ponte Stripe Top, tomato colored M&S Collection Side Zip Cotton Crop Pants & Classic Animal Print Scarf.

With more than 10,000 attendees on the debut of Carte Blanche, it wasn’t a surprise that its second serving in 2014 drew in more people, about 20% more than the previous year’s attendance.

“I am actually still overwhelmed with everything. Until now, it hasn’t sunk in. Every project is just like any party to me that I have to prepare for, but when I see photos, reality slaps me in the face. Wow, thousands really go to my festivals,” shared Kat.

Carte Blanche 104 (image from Kat Dalisay's Facebook)

Kat Dalisay may have the rightful claim to the title Davao’s “Mother to the Groove” in this era, but most do not know that her maternal mission extends to more than the beat of the music. She is mother to a number of kids.

“I lost count,” she admitted, “I have one by natural birth, Heaven, and she’s 6 years old now, and I have about 25 babies by adoption in 2013.” Babies is what she fondly calls her Manic team.

With 26 kids today (and growing), Kat is a mother with two playlists—one for each household. How does she make it work?

“Check lists and schedules keep me up. Without it I get lost during the day. So I make sure I have time for everything. I pre-plan my whole week on Sundays, and I have a mini notebook all the time where I can write my thoughts, scheduled meeting and reminders.”

What's in a day in the life of Kat Dalisay?

Hectic. I work the moment I wake up—emails, paper work— until my daughter wakes up. Motherhood takes over—feed, bath, play or bring her to school. Meetings or the gym follows until it’s time to pick her up.

When its festival season, its all work and no sleep. I leave Heaven with my parents, then it’s meetings after meetings.

Which "house" is more difficult to handle?

(Laughs). Both are easy though are challenges. Everyone family and team is very easy to work/be with. I’m so blessed with that. Siguro ako pa yung mahirap na dinidiscipilna nila (Maybe it’s harder for them to discipline me).

What is your plan for your two families?

It’s hard to make a “plan” when it comes to family. Kasi in this world, CHANGE is the only permanent thing, so I just really take things day by day and let God and values lead the way.

I want my daughter and my MP babies to grow up and be the best that they can be. And until I can be the window for them to be who they want to be, I will let them peek thru my window.

Where do you see them after Manic?

I want to see them up there, being the best artists in this generation.

The non-negotiable rule in your two homes?

Honesty. Integrity. 

The non-negotiable rules of a matriarch. Strict & stern Kat in an M&S Collection ensemble-White Long Line Shirt under a Black & White Boucle Blazer paired with Black PU Tregging.

Your thoughts on partying responsibly?

Simple. NO TO DRUGS. NO (alcoholic) DRINKS FOR MINORS, DONT DRINK AND DRIVE. No negotiations.

The characteristic would you want to instill in your child and team?

Be Godly, and strive for greatness.

The most important lesson your can tell your kids?

Never let people dictate how you should live your life, think out of the box but keep God in the center of you life and decisions.

Your future plans for Manic Nightnings?


Photography: Wacky Masbad
Fashion: Marks & Spencer
Shot on location at Marks & Spencer, Abreeza Mall

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Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on May 10, 2015.