M&S Davao Style File: Nikka Go & Kenn Te, summer bodies

Summer buddies with summer bodies. These two friends must have the most enviable bodies in Holiday Gym today, fit and shapely enough to sport the perfect gear for the season without any hesitation — swimwear. They did work hard for what they have and now more than ever, they are ready for their Boracay escapade.

Kenn Te & Nikka Go are summer buddies with summer bodies.
Kenn in Blue Harbor navy blue Boat Print swim shorts & M&S Collection Butcher Stipe Shirt.
Nikka in M&S Collection Coral colored Bali Flower 2-piece swimsuit.

Kenn Te and Nikka Go have become focused with their exercise regimen since their teenage years. Nikka, now 24 and working as a Civil Engineer for a construction firm, and Kenn, 21 and a third year Management Marketing student, are not stopping anytime soon. They have injected exercising into their daily routine and see themselves still fit and buffed ten years from now. “I couldn't imagine myself any other way,” said Nikka.

“I’m 40% on my ideal body scale.”
Nikka in Limited Collection Palm Black Bandeau & Bikini ensemble.

“It’s a ‘once you pop you can’t stop’ thing for me. When something has become a routine, and when you see results, stopping would be the most difficult thing to do,” shared Nikka. Kenn nodded in agreement and said, “I will sustain this lifestyle as long as I don’t get physically challenged.”

Ready to take a plunge.
Kenn in North Coast blue floral print swim shorts

Why should they stop? Nikka, who sees herself in the 40% level on her personal ‘road to ideal body’ rating, confesses that at her current physique has boosted her confidence while Kenn, who humbly said he is still in his first stage, admits that he’s feeling the advantages— looking good. “Who says health and vanity can’t work hand in hand?,” asked the two, grinning.

"Exercising is injected in our daily routine."
Nikka in M&S Collection Navy Dot Scallop swimsuit & cream Pashminetta sarong;
Kenn in M&S Collection Navy Linen shirt & Blue Harbor Core Swim Shorts in black

Yes, they do look good, great, in fact, and wear their Marks & Spencer swimsuits well. Here’s a little more they share about themselves.

What’s it like in a day of a health buff?

Nikka: The day starts with lemon water before breakfast, and do a little cardio before I head on over to the gym. It’s work and errands for the rest of the day. If I am not too tired by the time I get home, I do a light ab workout before hitting the sack. 

Kenn: It’s school for me, and the gym after classes.

Boracay-ready body.
Nikka in Red Circles Print swimsuit & sunglasses, both from M&S Collection.

What got you into fitness?

Nikka: I always hated myself after watching the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. That's when I realized I had to do something to change that. 

Kenn: I have a particular look of body I want to achieve. That’s my goal and when I reach it, I’ll make sure to maintain it.

From school to gym, Kenn exercises 6 times a week at 3PM    
Kenn in Blue Harbor navy blue Boat Print swim shorts, M&S Collection ca & 
Autograph sunglasses.

How often are you in the gym and what’s your exercise regimen?

Nikka: Six days a week and I like to work out during noon when I enjoy the “alone” time. I switch workouts daily to allow the muscle to recover. Sunday is rest day. You may think that working really hard can get you results but it actually does your body more harm. Don't over-do it.

Kenn: Everyday at 3PM for 45 minutes to an hour. I workout body parts alternately but my favorite is pumping the chest and biceps. But I keep the exercises balanced and never skip “leg day”. Chicken legs are not good to look at.

Nikka on exercising: “When you see results, stopping would be the most difficult thing to do.”
On Nikka, Navy Embroidered Swimsuit with Navy Scallop Sarong, both from M&S Collection. M&S Collection sunglasses.

Kenn is a poster boy in his university.
On Kenn, M&S Collection Navy Linen top & Blue Harbor Sea Green Core swim shorts, Autograph sunglasses.

Any other exercises?

Nikka: I like running. It's the only workout that lets me think and be productive at the same time. 

 I sometimes practice yoga, which is a really good core workout.

Kenn: Basketball. It’s my favorite sport.

"The good thing with having a gym buddy is having someone who can push you until you finish your workout."
On Kenn: Blue Harbor Grid Gingham top & navy Boat Print swim shorts, lemon crew inner shirt from M&S Collection.

Your diet?

Nikka & Kenn: Low carbs, high protein diet, and lots of fiber.

“Work out hard and follow a proper diet.”    
On Kenn, Blue Harbor Sea Green Core swim shorts, Autograph sunglasses.
On Nikka, M&S Collection Navy Embroidered Swimsuit & sunglasses.

Working out: alone or with a gym buddy, what’s best?

Kenn: I hit the gym with my friends. The good thing with having a gym buddy is having someone who can push you until you finish your workout, and the disadvantages of having one is too much talking. If you want serious results, get a personal trainer.

Summer fun-ready.
Nikka holding her blue wide brim floppy hat to pair with her Bali Bandeau & white crop beach pants, all from M&S Collection; Kenn in Blue Harbor Grid Gingham top & navy Boat Print swim shorts, lemon crew inner shirt from M&S Collection.

How do you inspire others to jump in the healthy bandwagon?

Kenn: Leading by example. If people have witnessed how you’ve achieved your ideal body properly, then you have set the path for them.

Nikka: I want to show people that there are no limits to what one can achieve. You can do anything you put your mind to.

Easy, breezy.
Nikka in Limited Collection Magenta Short & Tank Top, M&S Collection sunglasses.

With the coming annual search for healthy bodies of Holiday Gym, what tips can you give the candidates?

Kenn: Work out hard and follow a proper diet.

Nikka: Make sure everything's in proportion— workout is complemented with the proper diet. I share my other fitness tips in my blog www.theasiansuperwoman.com.

Cool & relaxed.
Kenn in M&S Collection stripe crew neck shirt in teal & black Blue Harbor swim shorts.

Photography: Wizbren Ang
Styling: Otoy Mercado
Fashion: Marks & Spencer
Shot on location at the SEDA Hotel poolside

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Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on April 18, 2015.

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