Sweeping mom off her feet

IT'S one of those days when the social media sites were flooded with adages and thank you notes, all of which were devoted to the star of the moment—mom.

Busy, this is expected on the second Sunday of May. After you have hugged your mom, served her breakfast in bed, handed her the flowers, or surprised her with whatever creative ideas you came up with, you turn to rest of the moms, your friends’ and relatives’, and say your pleasantries.


Depending on how many people you follow then that’s how much dedication you may seen and read when you scrolled on your page from the time you logged in. At least you’ve seen how the mothers of most of the people you allowed to enter your digital life look like today or in the past.

Busy. Who wouldn’t want to take out mom to have the dish she’s craving for? All the restaurants were full. Not one was spared from the crowd, I believe. Give mom the credit for she can pack these joints like Madonna can fill concert venues.

For the first time, REKADO, the newest resto to open in Davao, opened its doors on a Sunday- Mother's Day. The resto after all, was built in honor of the owners' mother.

Busy. The malls reminded you to get your mom something special, or perhaps do even better and take her shopping to her heart’s content. If you did, you’re the great!

Greatest, even, if you got down on your knees and slipped a fab footwear on her feet. Not glass, but equally as classic, stylish and precious (it came from you, didn’t it?) that it brought her to the shores of Waikiki (at least the feeling of it), or you can brag that you brought Hawaii to her.

Can't take mom to Hawaii but you can bring Hawaii to her.

You scored a perfect 10 if you took her to All Flip Flops at the Abreeza Mall where Havaianas commemorated the 10th year of MYOH with an exclusive vintage Hawaiian theme to pay homage to its inspiration. Double your points because you danced the Hula plus customized your gift for her, which was even made lovelier with the limited edition pins embellishments (I’m sure she fell in love with the “so Hawaii” Hibiscus, the Hula Girl and the ukulele).

If you danced the hula for her, you have earned extra points.

With these pins on her pair, she wan take Hawaii wherever she goes.

A piece of Hawaii handed to me (i have maternal instincts, too, you know).

Just like Mother’s Day, the Make Your Own Havaianas is an annual event because just like mom, “Havaianas occupies a special place in the hearts of the Filipinos”, hence, MarTish and Havaianas are bringing this special personalization to everyone. Now you know what present to give mom that will sweep her off her feet on the next Mother’s Day.

Stylish Mom & Havaianas girl Marga Nograles took me to Hawaii at MYOH 2015

Fresh from the beaach & ready for another adventure, Young mom Aina del Rosario at MYOH 2015

Sunny Havaianas smiles from moms Charyl Martin & Vanessa Ong at MYOH 2015

Swept off their feet with their perfect pairs, Dyan & Molly Te at MYOH 2015

Aloha from fit moms, Maybelle Yu, Jen Lim & Joanna Co at MYOH 2015

Busy. Some moms preferred to work just a little bit more even on her appointed day of glory, or at least she had her reliable helpers man her territory.

Designed by a mom & handwoven by moms, Humabi is  fashion with a mission.

New line: chic snakeskin totes from Mindanao Insapires,  another Davao company created by a mom & employs women.

Abreeza Mall’s Mompreneur was the venue for these hardworking and creative moms. Here, these moms got to showcase their entrepreneurial spirits and share their personal experiences to other mothers—parenting ideas, home styling, food, fashion, etc. It was a mom for mom event, which non-moms (like me) also enjoyed taking part in.

Project Mom's Amanda Griffin-Jacob at Mompreneur

Hardworking moms, Baby Montemayor of Habi at Kape & Erika Mata of Humabi Bags at Mompreneur

Busy moms, Abreeza Mall's Ruby Ochoa & Oomph Radio's Joey Domingo at Mompreneur

Like Mom, like daughter. Talented singing duo Rochelle Venuti & daughter Cassy at Mompreneur

Breastfeeing advocate Alex Hao with her kids at Mompreneur

Of Apples & Lemons.

Define cocktail hours. It’s between 4PM to 6PM, cocktail events should end before dinner hours. This particular event did not. Though food was served at 6PM, the (pre-planned) program commenced at 7:30PM and ended two hours after. If you intended the event to run like this, why didn’t you make it a dinner affair? You needed the guests more than they need you. Why starve them? Are lemons filling? Have some.


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Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on May 17, 2015.