Do you believe in fate?

I do.

There is no such thing as "coincidence". Everything you come across with will mean something at some point. Most often, the realization comes when the incident has manifested itself. You then look back and say to yourself, "Oo nag pala, this was why I came across this."

I am encountering a series of events since the start of the year. Tell me what you think of these moments and what it can all add up to….

This morning, I was touched by this beautiful PAL video. It's one those stories that makes me proud I'm Pinoy.

The video was launched today to celebrate the 117th Philippine Independence Day.

"Philippine Airlines celebrates Filipinos who represent our culture to the world! Let us all share what makes us Filipino. Let us show everyone how we #RPRSNTPINOY!"

This coincides with PAL's weekend promotional fare  Selling Period: June 10 -12, 2015. Travel Period: January 16, 2016 - March 15, 2016. Check out the promotional rates on this HERE.

You may bump into on of the #RPRSNTPINOY personalities featured in the video above. Who knows?

That was not the only thing that surfaced today. I caught this on my Facebook thread & shared it on my page:

Interesting list. Well food is always subjective, besides who want to die after trying the 50?
It can be exciting if I can try a few more on the list. I have tried less than 10 on this list. The Salty Pimp of Big Gay Ice Cream is one. It's no big deal though. 

Let me take you a few months back…. 

In January of this year, I received this surprise present when I got home from a Bangkok trip via PAL (connecting flight, of course. I've been availing of this PAL convenience since I started flying regularly to this destination in 2006).

I posted this photo in Instagram & Facebook with this caption (with the giver's reply).

This was just after Philippine Airlines announced it's adding a new destination on its roster & flying to New York City in March of this year.

Believe it or not, before Huckleberry Southern Kitchen & Bar formally opened, Enzo Lim, mixologist and co-owner of Jeepney  (and Maharlika) in New York City was in town, this was December 2014. 

The Jeepney Restaurant featured in the new PAL video seen above.

Enzo Lim (center), the mixologist & co-owner of Jeepney in NYC was in Davao in December 2014.

The crazy Yuletide schedule was to blame why I missed the chance to interview this man. I said to myself, "I'll check out this guys place when I head back to the Big Apple.

The Big Apple has been cropping up every so often, where are all these instances leading to? What is it telling me? Is it time to revisit the place?

Bright lights, big city. Times Square 2012.

How about you, do you have any Philippine Airline "coincidences"?