June 2015 musing: it’s not father’s day where I went

A CENTURY old and still dependent, that’s what I am. I thank God that I have been blessed by a saintly father who still looks after me when it should be the other way around. He deserves a halo—layers of it, for keeping up with a brat of an old kid in his household.

I felt guilty knowing that my planned trip to the Big Mango fell on father’s day, well, on the American calendar at least. It was one of those “days of devotion” when the entire thread of Facebook was filled with photos, dedications, adages and celebrations for the man of the house.

In the Bangkok hotel I stayed in, I asked the PR lady if the place was busy and if they were having specials for dads on the International Father’s Day. I was met with a blank stare.

Sathorn & the Bangkok skyline. June 17 was not Father's Day  in this country.

“Father’s day in Thailand is on December 5,” she said, which happens to be the birthday of the reigning king. The date is followed as opposed to the day (third Sunday of June) I am familiar with. Of course, we Pinoys pretty much follow the American calendar of “international” celebrations, Mother’s Day included.

Should the newfound knowledge ease my guilt? It would have to. At least I know I can make it up to dad when I get back home bearing gift. Or, I can hand it to him on December 5. Thank you, Thailand.

In the meantime, let me enjoy my work and discover unending surprises the city is filled with.

I have to thank Agoda for showing me another batch of must-sees on this recent visit. It directed (and hosted) me in four of its partner hotels in different areas, and each having its uniquely attractive character.

The story of the Ramayana adorns the interior of Ten Face hotel, the first property I’ve encountered that offers a 24/7 complimentary tuktuk service for its guests to and from the nearest BTS station. Even with the impressive service offering, I wish I could stay indoors and enjoy the tranquility of the one-bedroom suite I was accommodated in.

The Ramayana retold on the walls of Ten Face Hotel

Hua Hin was never in my list to visit in Thailand until Nico M. of Agoda told me it was worth the visit. So, I did. The visit to the seaside destination was a much-needed break I needed. With no Boracay for so long, Hua Hin was a very welcome substitute. Waking up to the view of the sea with the rising sun on its horizon from the room at The Rock Hua Hin Beachside Spa & Resort was breathtaking.

It's been a while since I woke up to this.

From the beach vibe I dove into the d’ groovy energy of Aloft Hotel in Sukhumvit 11. The sister hotel of W Hotel, the colorful and modern Aloft jibed with the day to night vitality of the street, one of the busiest in the city.

Aloft Hotel, a sister company of the W Hotel, is d' groovy!

Thank God, or Buddha, for a very efficient public transportation system. Where the cabs refused fare (much to my surprise), the move from one hotel to another was easy via the BTS even with a heavy luggage in tow. Even easier with the train stopping at the doorstep of the next “home.” Mode Sathorn Hotel is situated right in front of the Surasak BTS station.

Mode Sathorn bears a tastefully designed interior. A repurposed condominium, the hotel exudes a very homey feel. I must say it was the perfect place to end the visit—a relaxing therapy at the serene spa and easy, most economical and quick access to the airport via the BTS.

Mode Stahorn Hotel is right in front of the Surasak BTS Station. How convenient.

If you know me well enough, you’d be very surprised that I cut my connecting flight to Davao from Bangkok to stay a few nights in Manila. I wouldn’t mind the quick stop to touch base with friends while staying in the comforts of SEDA BGC. It was my first time to try this brand and I must say I loved it.

SEDA BGC is a business hotel for sure, but nothing can be better for leisure travelers than staying in this place. It's in the neighborhood of restaurants & retail shops.

By the time you’re reading this, it’s my last day in the hotel and city, and I’m getting ready to head back home to finally sleep in my own bed. That is after I give my Father’s Day present to dad—sweet and spicy tamarind from Bangkok.

Of apples & lemons.

Who will make it to the best-dressed list in tomorrow’s 51st Hijos de Davao? The Golden Anniversary was the most glamorous celebration in this era when everyone showed up (aptly) dressed to the occasion. From the sea of the butterfly-sleeved maidens a few stood out and landed on my best-dressed list. I hope last year’s fashion reinstated the glamour of the yesteryears and carries on tomorrow and the coming Dabawenyo-born celebrations.

Tisha Ang-Domiguez in a modernized terno was one of my favorites in last year's Hijos de Davao gathering