Our “bachelor” dad

TECHNICALLY, he is not a bachelor, but he is single. Again. Not by his own choice.

Ronnie Go, 51, is open to dating again, with the blessings of his daughters

If you must know, we lost our mom to “the big C.” Since then he took on the role of dad and mom for us three girls: Camille Franchesca, 23, account executive at Satchi & Satchi; Denise Liana, 20, HR specialist for our family companies; and Cassandra Justine, 14, Grade 8 at Stella Maris Academy, which is not an easy task, believe us.

Although he is lucky to have three beautiful, doting daughters (grinning) who adore him, we can only do so much. Our dad is still young and tall, very handsome and the best dad in the world, we must add those, and we are giving him our blessing to jump back in the dating arena with the hope of him finding “his girl.” Someone he describes as “he is physically attracted to, intelligent and possess a kind heart.”

 Denise (left) & Cassandra on dad, “He’s very intelligent & needs someone who can engage him in an enjoyable conversation.”

Yes, we’re totally cool with the dating idea as long as she doesn’t turn out to be the “evil stepmother” kind (snickering). Of course we’ll know who she is before we even get to meet her, we would have done our character investigation via the net. We’re always be going to be part of the selection process. It’s best you know this.

Here’s a primer on our dad.

His real name is Ronald Anthony Cepeda Go, a looker and fit at 51. He is a PMA-er and served the military for 10 years after graduation. He is a pilot (think: top gun), an officer and a gentleman!

He came to Davao in 1995 to “fly” for TADECO and became part of Davao Agritech Inc., an aviation company managing the air assets of the Anflocor group, as the GM.

Dad is a self-made man as well. He built and runs his transportation & logistics businesses— the Ecotrans car rentals, R & S Cargo Corp., Ecohaulers, Inc. and Ecofreight, Inc.

He is a well rounded individual and honest. He won’t hide the fact that he is a widower with three lovely daughters (that’s us!).

Dad is very intelligent and he needs someone who can engage him in an enjoyable conversation. He is a very determined man and will through great lengths to accomplish what he puts his mind to.

A few more ala slum book info about our dad that can aid you as some point:

Favorite color: Blue
Fashion sense: jeans with leather shoes (size 10, ladies!) & short sleeve polos
Favorite scent: Aqua de Gio
Favorite food: Feed him a good, tender, juicy steak
Favorite resto: Bistro Rosario and Italiannis
Favorite drinks: red wine and coffee
Sport: golf
Weekend Activity: spending time with us, his girls.
Hobby: Karaoke! He has a great voice and can serenade the woman he falls for.
Pet peeve: He hates it when people show up late. (Take note!)

If you ask us, you girls shouldn’t be dating him (laughs). We’re joking, of course.

On a more serious note, if our dad meets the right woman, yes we believe he would like to remarry. But he will never force the issue.

Happy father’s day, dad!

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Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on June 21, 2015.