Eat, drink, sleep & be merry while saving the Philippine Eagle

You would not think that this is possible, but Seda Abreeza's "the good life" offerings this festival season can move the Philippine Eagle's existence a step away from extinction. The hotel dedicates the Kadayawan 2015 to the Philippine Eagle and giving the occasion a deeper meaning.

Kadayawan at the Seda Abreeza

Diola, Pag-asa's mother, is the star of the show. The preserved eagle, surrounded with other Davao representations - fruits, flowers, handicrafts - will greet everyone who enters the hotel.

Diola, mother of Pag-asa, takes center stage at Seda

It all started when Ken Kapulong saw the TV special of the Philippine Eagle Foundation and decided he wanted to visit the center and came up with an idea of a partnership.

The partnership will involve everyone who steps in the hotel. The guest may not know it but with each sip of the featured drink and each stay in the hotel, they take part in a mission to save the eagle.

A partnership sealed. Seda Abreeza GM Ken Kapulog & Philippine Eagle Foundation Fundraising Officer, Andrea Bandonado.

Featured drink is "Ascend" (concoctions include lambing & pomelo. Php 238 nett per glass). “Ascend," a drink depicting "strength" & "courage," is dedicated to a 3-year old rehabilitated male eagle, Fighter, a victim of a gunshot which led to the amputation of the primary feather-part of its left wing. Part of the sales of Ascend will go to the foundation.

Sip & save the eagle. Ascend, inspired by a rehabilitated eagle is Seda's featured cocktail for the Kadayawan

The drink will make a good starter to a sumptuous “Flavors of Mindanao” spread prepared by Sous Chef Giovanna “Bang” Flores at Misto, the hotel’s all-day dining restaurant.

"Flavors of Mindanao" lunch and dinner sets (available from August 1-31, 2015 at Php 780 nett) will include beef short ribs, grilled seafood on skewers, mangosteen mousse and durian crème brûlée in its choices.

Skewered treats is one of the choices for the "Flavors of Mindanao" set meals

Sweet Mindanao, sweeter Davao. Saccharine delights that include the Durian Creme Brûlée.

A special Kadayaan Dinner Buffet will be offered on August 20, Thursday, from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM (Php 980 nett for adults, Php 680 nett for kids aged 7-12, and free for kids aged 6 and below). More Davao and Mindanao food favorites, which will include slow-cooked roast beef short plate, and grilled squid paella. Dabawenyo & Talentadong Pinoy Grand Champion, Neil Llanes, is guest performer.

A preview of the Kadayawan Dinner Buffet on August 20th.

Tuna tail

Mussels with Malagos Cheese

Grilled Squid Paella

Grilled Pork Ribs

Your nights will always end on a sweet note knowing you are part of a mission. The August “Kadayawan Holiday Stay” room package will have a bag of souvenir items from the Philippine Eagle Center waiting for them in their rooms. The contents benefits not only the foundation's cause but its creators as well, indigenous women of the Manobo-Tinananon tribe in Arakan, North Cotabato.

PEF Fundraising Officer, Andrea Bandonado, who represented the PEF Director, Dennis Salvador in the launching event, said,"We at the PEF are very happy and grateful to Seda Abreeza for their initiative this Kadayawan to contribute to the mission of protecting our National Bird. Their support will help us further the awareness on the cause and also raise funds to continue the work started. We truly appreciate the willingness of Mr. Kennedy Kapulong and the rest of his team to help inform the public about the vulnerability to extinction of the Philippine Eagle."

Seda Abreeza + Philippine Eagle Foundation

"We at the PEF believe that the quality of life we have depends on how we conserve our resources and the survival of the Phil. Eagle is an important indicator of it. And that is what we hope to promote together with Seda Abreeza. This Kadayawan season will be more meaningful as we not only celebrate the bountiful harvest and the wealth of culture but also our pride for our National Bird.," she added.

Seda & PEF. Saving the eagle as a family.