Something to be excited about: THIS serving of the Davao Gourmet Collective

I don't know why, but I find the Kadayawan serving of the Davao Gourmet Collective on August 21-23 more exciting- and I am referring to the dishes that will be served. The music fest will just be a plus- an entertainment or the background music the culinary tunes the purveyors will be playing.

It's going to be a duet of "festive eats and vibrant beats" at the Fountain Court grounds. Sorry to burst your bubble but most of the participants are no secrets to the foodie society since they are easily visited by anyone and everyone at their stores 365 days in a year. Good food can never be kept a secret in Davao.

I would say the only "secret" the Davao Gourmet Collective can brag of is The Crazy Cook who stays "under the radar", so to speak. Its food available only on times like these or if asked to cater (does that still count as a secret?).

The Crazy Cook is one of the vendors who keeps the favorites/bestsellers but also introduces a new dish each time. (Well, as per observation JR Pastry manages to come up with a new sweet wonder with each session of the the DGC).

THe Crazy Cook's 2014 DGC offering- Kaprao Gai (minced chicken with basil). Looking forward to something new this session.

A Crazy Cook bestseller & mainstay- the Bacon Belly Sate. Food like is only available on food fairs like the DGC.

Don't get me wrong. Everything in the food fair is still exciting to eat.  Dining in a different setting other than the purveryors' restos will always be welcome. Bunched together, a great idea.

One thing is for sure, the DGC's aim to promote food tourism in Davao is luring in food lovers from everywhere, who are discovering and gaining appreciation for the flavorful eats the city has to offer is working.

On this 3-day gathering, us foodies will be see serenaded by guest bands (I pray the volume won't be too loud as this is not a beer garden kind of thing). Techy Romantics plays on August 21, Up Dharma Down on August 23, and Skymarines and BP Valenzuela on August 23.

Coming alive for the Kadayawan Music & Food Fair with the Davao Gourmet Collective

Like I said the list of vendors have been "aged". The longer the fair runs, the better vendors manage to stay. That only proves their food is good no matter where it's served- in their restaurants or on the fair grounds. 

You might find your favorites still on the list below. But even before you head to your favorite seller, may I suggest you put these on top of your lists, my MUST-TRY suggestions:

Alibaba Shawarma's Chicken and Beef Shawarma on Wrap, Pita Pocket or with Rice. She makes everything from scratch, all from fresh, locally sourced ingredients, from her pita bread to her delicious sauces. Alibaba Shawarma is a new player in the food scene, which recently opened its first store at The Peak of Gaisano Mall of Davao.

Must try: Alibaba's chicken shawarma in pita wraps.

I don't eat meat but when The Crazy Cook said I must try Jam Foods (a Manila addition on the list), then I took a bite. She was right. The Angus Tapa was tender and rich in flavor that it brings back fond memories of me having meat for breakfast (no, I didn't drop my fork). Jam Food will also be serving Angus Salpicao and other Angus products.

Must try: Jam Foods' Angus beef tapa

Soul Kitchen Co.'s line-up of healthy food is not only nutritious but tasty as well. Go for the Chicken Salad Wrap and the Meatless Taco Salad, you won't regret it. Complete your healthy meal with any of their delicious cold pressed juices.

Must try: Soul Kitchen's Meatless Taco Salad & Chicken Salad Wrap

JR Pastry came up with another must try- Financiers. These little, chewy pyramid nibbles are less sweeter than his usual offerings that I why I fell in love with it, which is dangerous because it's a definite diet buster.

Must try: JR Pastry's "Financier" a sinful pyramid nibble. One is not enough.

After these four, feast on your favorites. Here are the purveyors on the coming food fair and the food they'll be serving:

La Bodeguita  Paella, spanish Chorizos, beans, callos, tortilla de patatas
Don Durian: Lechon Manok & Liempo and Buko Juice
Classio Pizzza: Wood Fired Pizzas
Cellar de Boca: Paella, Churros
Crazy Cook: Sates, Pad Thai, Bagoong Rice, Thai Steak and Baos
Kushiya: Japanese BBQ Pancake
Stellina's Lemonade: Lemonades
Carmela’s : Ensaymada
Backyard Burger: Korean and Japanese burgers
Café El Gato: Seafoods Paella
Osvaldo's Cakes: Cakes, Chili Con Carne, Keema on Rice 

The Davao Gourmet Collective will be on August 21-23 at the Fountain Court ground of the SM Lanang Premier.

Classio Pizzza: Wood Fired Pizza

Cellar de Boca's Paella

Backyard Burger's Japanese burger

Don Durian's Liempo

La Bodeguita's Paella

Carmela's sweet ensaymadas.