Look who came crawling back in

Some parties you just don’t/can’t/won’t say no to. Ever since Kat Dalisay and her Manic Nightlings re-injected a good dose of the neon vibe to the Davao night scene, the parties, which sometimes kick off way before sundown, jumped back to life. Not only was it resuscitated, but she returned it on a grand scale.

The shooter was shot by Gabriel Cadiz. Caught in the act with Aaron Villaflor, Kat Dalisay & Karla Singson.

True to her words, the recent Arcadia gig was a first. The two-night weekend shindig was a first in Davao and the first of its kind in the Philippines. This after you and I thought that Manic’s productions were not going to get any bigger than the last one. I was proven wrong, and I was there to see for myself.

I had to see what Arcadia was all about…. Here, the media & 1/2. Karla, Jesse, Ken & Ian with Stephie

When was the last time I stayed up late partying with a bottomless glass on hand? Maybe a decade or two ago, I’m uncertain, but what transpired on the recent Friday night was just awesome. The party brought back the memories of drunken revelry of my not so distant party past.

Bar hops will involve a shot per stop. How far was I willing to go?

I nodded to Arcadia’s Pub Crawl night, the first installment of two parties. Eight bars across Davao were listed with each bar manned by a team of able DJs from Manila and Davao: Brewery Obrero- Therese Garcia + Nikki Barricuatro; STRE3TS- Mark Nicosia + Tien Batu; Perch- DJ Arra Pascual + Jin Chan; Huckleberry- DJ BAdKiss + Pae Dobles; Acropolis- Sonny B + DJ Torch; Echelon- Funky Avy + Wacky Masbad; Brewery Damosa- Khai Lim + Uno Tupas; and Hybrid- Samir Ayeb + Niel Jacinto.

A DJ a bar. This outrageously sexy one, DJ Arra Pascual, "un-taming" the Perch crowd. 

A house shot of Brewery Obrero kicked off the crawl and party bus took the revelers to get their next shot at Stre3ts. Warmed up and ready for another, Tequila shots were chugged at Perch. This bar was full and the entry of the pumped up crawlers took the party up a level higher.

Arcadia Pub Crawl "warming shot" at Brewery Obrero

The Stre3t scene at stop #2

Look who came Perch-ing- Pia Lu, Che Uy, Joanna Alpapara & Blessing Uy

Arcadia Pub Crawl host Aaron Villaflor charming the ladies at Huckleberry

This guy can sell out  Huckleberry's flavored rums.

Huckleberry was next on the list. Packed and the crowd is so familiar. It was reliving the days of Spam’s, Liquid and even Hey Jude once more. It was quick to blend in to the on going vibe of the place.

Just like old times. From the beach to the city, one drinkS is always in order.

The way we did it before the selfie-capable phones came into the picutre. Getting the Boracay island vibe with this bunch

Needless to stay, I got stuck at this place like a fly on a spider web. I never made it past Club Crawl Stop #4: Huckleberry. I could have opted not getting off the party bus on the way to next stop but the magnet of the good old days was just too strong to resist. Forgive me Manic Mama.

Up to no good. Hucklberry man Chris Pamintuan about to serve a very potent swig

Looking at the posted photos, the parties at the other four bars were wild. But scanning the faces of the people present, they are half my age, the kids that will approach me and take my hand to make “mano” and say “Hi, tito”, worse, Uncle!

The next generation (who calls me "Tito") at Perch- Robertino del Rosario & Ccia Ang

Those who haven’t seen me out in ages will probably say, “Look who crawled back in to the scene.” Well, age is but a number, many will say. I am out to have a good time and there’s no better company to do it than with friends. People who I have one drinkS with at one time or another, people I have seen the sunrise with a drink on hand. Fun times.

Out to party, too! Gerard Penaflor - Air Asia Commercial Head, TJ Pamintuan, Huckleberry's Chris Pamintuan, Lisette Marquez- City Tourism Officer & Robby Alabado- DOT-XI Regional Director

Beauties reigning the scene. The crownholders of the 2015 Mutya ng Pilipinas at Huckleberry

Foodies by day, alcohol cnooiseurs at night- Kat Tuason, Mia Pineda, Becko Lim, Carmina & Raffy del Rosario

Musketeer's credo for this Inseparable siblings, the Mica, Erica, Carmela & Miguel Pacheco with cousin Rachel

Meanwhile at the smoking area...

A trio of lookers at Huckleberry.

Kuya Germs would have been proud, a “walang tulugan” episode for this old man. I pat myself on the back, yours, too, Manic Nightnings.

Until the next gig! Now let’s see how you best yourself with the next production.