H&M x Balmain, sold out in minutes in Bangkok

Of course. it will be sold out.

With Bangkok home to a multitude of fashionistas, the allotment for the two H&M stores in Central World Embassy & Siam Paragon was a spoon of rice to feed the hungry world, so to speak.

November is the global release of the brand's collaboration with a haute couture fashion house. For 2015, H&M partnered with the French fashion house of Pierre Balmain.

I caught Alexander Wang last year & this on my visits to Bangkok. The designs were not to my taste (my age is greatly considered). I am a fan of Margiela & was glad to snag some of the collar pieces in NYC years back. Still loving & wearing the painted denims.

The window merchandising display at H&M Central World Embassy Mall

The space allotment for the much-awaited 2015 collaboration with Balmain was about 15 square meters in H&M Central World & smaller in Siam Paragon. I am not talking about the utilization of the entire space, only the perimeter was used.

I don't know if any die hard fan slept outside the malls, but those who lined up early were given colored which assigned them a few minutes (10 minutes, I guess, just like in NYC) within the enclosed selling space) of shopping on a designated time.

Stores were opened at 10AM, this was the scene at 10:15AM.

Hit by a fashion tornado

The first few shoppers hoarded the loot from the racks. I heard many of these shoppers would soon put it up for sale on-line. There must be a demand for these "limited edition" releases made affordable by H&M.

Those who got the later slot were left with nothing to choose from (and they thought they were lucky to have earned a shopping band).

Oh, they still a few items left for them to take, if they wanted it.

Like these bandeau tops. Hey, it's black & easy to match (tee-hee).

Looking for her size, perhaps.

Or these shoes, if they fit, or if it's even your style.

If it is, can you take the weight?

Men's boots & booties that weight a ton.

So Ayie and I tried the lightweight ones.

Trying the thigh-high boots with heels.

Does it look good on me?

Ayie's turn. it's waist high for her.

I heard someone say, "I'm not buying an H&M collab shoes for that price. I might as well get the real thing." (Suplada)

And from another, "It's H&M, not Balmain." (Mas suplada)

Until next year, H&M. You're opening in my city soon & I do hope the collaborations reach the store in this part of the globe. For sure, it's going to be lesser than that of Bangkok's very limited stocks.