Star Wars: The Force Awakens at Abreeza Cinema

I grew up watching Star Wars. I was 13 when the first installment was shown and immediately got addicted. 

The second movie, Empire Strikes Back, was shown during summer and I watched it everyday at Crest Theater with Jin-jin G. It was Halu-halo and Four Seasons Pizza time at Merco after the movie.

When the Death Star exploded on the third film, I thought it would be the last of the series. 

Then George Lucas came up with Episodes I, II, & III, which finally explained why the first three films were sub-titled with Episodes IV, V & V. 

Just when I thought the series was finally complete, here comes episode VII. The saga continues….

When Abreeza Cinema sent me tickets, these characters grabbed it because "they want to see how their  kids will live up to their legacy." 

Action toys circa 1977. 

I am watching it at my favorite movie house, Abreeza Cinema, if I can score another ticket for myself.

Thank you Abreeza Mall. Merry Christmas and the may the force be with you, too.

I wonder how many more will follow. WIll I still be alive when the series comes to an end?