Rocky's x Jimmy Javier: Starting the year right

Fit and well groomed, that’s how 52-year old Jimmy Ocoma Javier started his 2016. In fact, this is his customary practice of welcoming the New Year.

Once salon patrons, now Rocky's barbershop loyalists

That comes to no surprise. If you’re into fitness, then you’ll know why. Jimmy is into fitness. It was fitness that brought him to Davao for work, fitness that made him stay and why he decided to open his own fitness club, Beefit Gym & Aerobics, in 2000. Today, the brand has three branches across the city.

As to grooming, the man met the year with his signature hairstyle, the “semi-kalbo,” as he refers it, or the No.4 (on the electric clipper attachment).

“I like to keep it cool,” Jimmy said of his choice since he spends most of his time at the gym, either checking on the three clubs he runs or personally training a client.

Javi & his dad Jimmy are the featured perosnalities of Rocky's Father & Son Traditions Calendar for January 2016

He admits that he has always been a salon patron even if he sports his “no styling needed” look. That was until he chanced upon Rocky’s Barbershop in SM Ecoland a couple of years ago.

“I got curious, so I stepped in,” he said. “I hear the Rocky’s ad over the radio all the time and pass by a Rocky’s barbershop whenever I’m in a mall. My first impression of it was it’s a barbershop for kids.”

The dad is a fitness specialist & the son is a student. Both have enrtrusted their hairtyling in the hands of Rocky's barbers

After his first barbershop experience, he became a loyal client of Rocky’s not only because he liked the result of the barber’s cut but also of the clean place and the other Rocky’s offerings, “I’m very impressed with how Rocky’s have improved and broadened its amenities.”

Since his preferred hairstyle is easy to achieve, he has no preferred or “suki” barber. Depending on Jimmy’s free time, he can have his haircut at any Rocky’s branch in any mall he’s nearest at. He has made his rounds of all the branches and has tried several barbers, “They’re all good so it doesn’t really matter which Rocky’s I go to and which barber does my hair,” he shares.

A father & son tradition started when dad, Jimmy, introduced his son, Javi, to Rocky's.

A year after Jimmy brought his son to Rocky’s GMall for a haircut. He confessed it was a memorable moment for him because just like him in the past, his 17-year old son Javi is a loyal salon patron.

“Javi was kind of hesitant to have a barber touch his hair because he's used to having haircut at salons, but he agreed to a haircut at Rocky’s. I just sat at the waiting area reading the paper while having free coffee.” Yes, free brewed coffee is one of Rocky’s offerings in all its five branches.

No "suki" barber for these two. That's how much they trust all the barbers of Rocky's to give them a good haircut.

Jimmy shared that Javi goes to Rocky’s by himself now. Like him, Javi has no “suki” barber even if he’s meticulous with his hairstyle. That’s how much the young boy trusts the barbers of Rocky’s.

A portrait of well-groomed father & son

This year is the 20th year of Rocky’s Barbershop grooming the men—and their kids—of Davao. Just like Jimmy and Javi, fathers and their sons have made Rocky’s a grooming tradition in their families.

“My message to Rocky's on its 20th year is that they continue to grow and improve on all the services. More power to you and looking forward to the opening of more branches.”

Rocky’s Barbershop is the first barbershop to open in a mall in Davao City in 1986. All its five branches today are conveniently located in malls- Vitoria Plaza, Abreeza Mall, GMall, SM City & SM Lanang Premier. 2016 marks its 20th year in the business.

Jimmy and Javi Javier are the featured Father and Son personalities in the 2016 Traditions calendar of Rocky’s.