Wine & cheese

MUCH of the boxes of December’s calendar were inked with invitations. Social duties call, be it work related or personal. I went to most but as much as I would love to get a perfect score, I had to decline to several.

Guess how many glasses of wine I had over the holidays?

At the center of it all was food. The cuisine may have varied from one gathering to another but the party staple- the lechon- tied it all together as the mark of a Pinoy celebration. Well, there’s also the Christmas ham, macaroni salad, queso de bola and fruitcake, which I was glad to see back on the table.

Christmas day gathering at home

It’s also during the Yuletide season when something new to taste lands on the table and on my recommendation list, food that deserves an apple award. The recent addition to the list is the outrageously crispy tuyo labeled Ginger. Unfortunately it’s only available in Manila for now.

However, of all the food that was laid before me I seem to gravitate towards where the cheeses are. Hand me a glass of red (and dessert after) and I can call the evening complete.

Eve of 25th was dinner with this family

But what made every bite of the food tastier and more fun to eat? It was who was gathered around the table in each celebration. The people I drank wine and nibbled cheese for several years now. Like cheese on the buffet table, these are the people I gravitate to. The body compass always know where point for good vibes.

Christmas day lunch was a gathering of good friends.

At my age, I know these are the people who matter. Seconding the thought was a friend’s social media photo post from a recent gathering with this caption- “Good life is built with good relationships...friends for life.”

Blessing of laughter & good vibes at this new home of Toni's

At 51, I have formed acquaintances with thousands, made friends with hundreds and eventually named a handful as good friends, friends I can call as brothers and sisters form another mother.

Raising the glasses to more years of freindship ahead with this bunch

Lucky me. With the attitude I have there are only a handful who can really tolerate me and somehow found it in their hearts to stick by me.

A bond forged by teacups

Wine and cheese, family and friends, they are so much alike. Forgive the cliché but yes, as the years pass both get better. As the flavor get a fuller body and more intense, so does the relationship.

Thank you dear friends and family. I raise my glass to all of you.


Disclaimer: I am not writing this because I am going away soon. Like they say, matagal ang buhay ng masamang damo. We got more years ahead of us and more cheese and wine to feast on.


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Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on January 10, 2016.