Monkey do, monkey don’t

Hear, speak, see no evil. We're no Monkeys- I'm a Dragon (lucky this year) while Greggy & Ken are Horses (unlucky this year), but when dealing with our fortunes in the Year of the Monkey, we're wise

First and foremost, let me remind you, “Hindi hawak ng mga bituin ang ating kapalaran. Gabay laman sila. Meron tayong free will, gamitin natin ito.”

Whatever you read below may be favorable or unfavorable to your sign. But just what like what Zenaida Seva said, don’t let it rule you life.

Now, let’s get down to the monkey business.

This 2016, the 9th sign of the 12-year cycle of animals in the Chinese zodiac clocks in at midnight. It’s the Year of the Fire Monkey but it seems that the year’s fortune does not smile to those born under this sign (1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004). They should be careful as career, relationships and health may suffer, warns the fortuneteller, but they can turn misfortune to fortune “by seeking the blessing of lucky star.”

Monkeys are enthusiastic, curious, creative, dynamic, mischievous and clever, thrive on being challenge, said to be people watchers, but who is a Fire Monkey?

A Fire Monkey (1956, 2016) is the most aggressive and most active of its kind. He’s competitive (he aims for the top and wants to stay there); dominant (he gravitates towards the leadership and can be bossy and turn into a control freak, but put him in charge, he will nurture those under his charge who need it); suspicious and jealous (so be careful not to best him); flamboyant and charmingly amiable (bordering to scene stealers), and has a large social circle; and, sexual (ahem).

His Fire energy makes him impulsive Monkey making him leap “where angels fear to tread,” a reckless behavior which sometimes does not turn out to not be to his advantage. He has to be patient and think before he leaps. His boldness needs to be rechanneled to a positive direction to lessen the risk of self-destruction.

Meet the other monkeys: Wood Monkey (1944, 2004) is perceptive and cautious, restless, talkative and motivated by honesty; Earth Monkey (1968) is motivated by curiosity, good-natured, dependable and methodical; Metal Monkey (1980) is stylish, affectionate, self-reliant and sturdy; and, Water Monkey (1932, 1992) is elusive and sensitive.

Though the Rat and the Dragon (that’s me!) will fair well this year, the Monkey makes perfect match to Ox and Rabbit
because they have similarities in personality and life, tolerant to each other given the space, and their strong sense of curiosity makes their love lives full of fun.

They are incompatible with the Tiger, Horse and Pig as they hold different values and views, thus making communication difficult, which can be the source of conflict.

What’s lucky: numbers 1, 7 and 8; colors: white, gold and blue; chrysanthemum and alliums flowers.

What should be avoided: numbers: 2, 5 and 9; colors red, black, grey and dark coffee.

Remember to think positive. Always. The Universe is abundant in its blessings, all you need to do is ask and claim it.


Published in the SunStar Davao newspaper on February 7, 2016

Art Boncato, 1968, Earth Monkey 

Nancy Facundo, 1968, Earth Monkey

Ela Isidro, 1968, Earth Monkey 

Milvene Mineses, 1980, Metal Monkey

Nenette Bundalian, 1968, Earth Monkey