Celebration of Colors

A very good reason to celebrate

GOOD vibes emanated through the grand ballroom of the Marco Polo Davao.

Even before entering the venue of the affair, you would have been bathed with positive aura. That much I can attest to.

The Marco Polo Davao family was in high spirits and for good reason. They were awarded with the 2015 Hotel of the Year and Bold Leadership Award from Marco Polo Hotels.

MPD GM Dottie Wurgler-Cronin & Francis Ledesma with the trophy awarded by the Marco Polo Hotels

A celebration was already in place and they did it with style and a burst of colors through a thanksgiving event dubbed as, “Celebration of Colors.”

Even the Philippine eagles are dressed up. These are flying to the donors of the Philippine Eagle Foundation.

The event was led by Marco Polo Davao General Manager Dottie V. Würgler-Cronin and the hotel’s owning company, Halifax Davao Hotel Inc. (the hotel’s owning company), represented by its Senior vice president Francis R. Ledesma.

“We are very honored to achieve this prestigious milestone, as this is a manifestation of our team’s hard-work, commitment and dedication to provide the best service quality and accommodation to our guests. This event is also our way of expressing our heartfelt gratitude to the people behind our success; with our clients, guests, associates, our owning company HDHI, and our management company, Marco Polo Hotels. Without their support, this achievement won’t be made possible,” Cronin said.

Rosie Dominguez & Virginia Andersen with Armenio & Jocelyn Lorenzo

The heads of the Marco Polo family

Mr. Francis R. Ledesma also expressed his gratitude on behalf of Halifax Davao Hotel, Inc. to the MPD Team and their honored guests.

“Thank you Dottie for being steadfast and consistently at the helm of things. Thank you to all the officers and associates for the hard work and dedication. Thank you to all our valued guests and friends from the media who are truly part of the Marco Polo Davao family.”

Pearl Peralta, Francis Ledesma, Japanese Consul Dodo Tomoko, Consul General Abdullah Zawawi Tahir & Josef Ledesma

Philippine Eagle Foundation Executive DIrector Dennis Salvador with Andy Baldonado, PEF's Development Manager

The celebration also included the awarding of the 2015 Associate-of-the Year Award to the hotel’s executive secretary, Regina Francia “Boodie” Cueva.

“Boodie has been a great asset to the team, and she should serve as an inspiration to the younger generation of associates,” GM Cronin added.

The general manager awards the 2015 Associate of the Year Award to Regina Francia “Boodie” Cueva

Along with the evening’s great food, live music, raffling of prizes, the hotel’s associates of the month performed a special dance number.

Long queue at the this station-- the evening's best selling treat.

As additional surprise to the evening’s party, the hotel’s Sales and Marketing director Pearl Peralta- Maclang surprised the guests with a short video clip of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte extending his well wishes to everyone in Marco Polo Davao.

The surprise of the night, wll-wishes from the City Mayor.

Raising my glass to this achievement, Marco Polo Davao, and I will be looking forward to more award-winning years ahead!