Silken voices, silken roads

THERE are journeys that you have to take yourself, but there are some journeys you can’t even though you wish you should have. All you can do is flip through the pages of the book written by those who already took it. That, my friend, is the next best thing.

One of those stories is the historic event mounted by Marco Polo Ortigas Manila. They took their guests to a cultural journey from East to West through Silken Voices, Silken Roads.

Marco Polo Ortigas' journey across the Silk Road was through fashion, music & cuisine.

Only a few travelers were fortunate enough to be part of it, and they were elegantly dressed for the occasion. The milestone event was all about opera, cuisine, and couture filling the halls of the Grand Ballroom.

It was the hotel’s celebration for its second year anniversary that commemorated Marco Polo’s 24-year journey through the Silk Road.

Philippine Opera Company with Francisco Aseniero & Gerphil Flores

Violinist Joseph Brian Cimafranca

Each leg of the journey—from Venice, where the young Marco Polo started his journey, to the Middle East, and eventually to China — was presented through each of the region’s cuisine whipped up by Executive Chef Lluis Pesarrodona; music by Gerphil Flores, the Philippine Opera Company, and Francisco Aseniero; and fashion by Renee Salud.

Fashion  by Renee Salud 

Cuisine by Executive Chef Lluis Pesarrodona

In one night, the Marco Polo Ortigas Manila was able to bring its guests from West to East. The success of this cultural journey marks the start of the yearly celebration of Marco Polo Ortigas Manila.

MPOM General Manager Frank Reichenbach with Francisco Aseniero, Gerphil Flores & the Philippine Opera Company

The journey's fashion segment was presented by Designer Renee Salud

Maybe on the next journey, I will be part of the storytellers writing my own story on the pages of the book of historical events.

Bravo, Marco Polo Ortigas Manila!