Rocky's x Toto de Jesus: Building trust & integrity

Toto de Jesus was one of the first clients of Rocky's Victoria Plaza Mall in 1996. In 2003, he brought his one-yearl old son Timmy to SM City Mall for his first haricut. Timmy turns 14 this year

TODAY, more than ever, the real estate boom is very evident. The city’s population in on a steady rise so does the need for dwelling.

In the vast lands of Davao where lateral development is very much possible, housing projects are sprouting like mushrooms outward to the north and south of downtown Davao.

At the city center, vertical housing is rising. It was unthinkable back in the days with so much space available. But condominium living is already happening.

In real estate, how does one stay ahead of the game?

“Trust and integrity,” said 53-year-old Luis Conrado “Toto” de Jesus, the Head for Operations of ALSONS Properties, a company with 50 years of experience in creating well-developed, green and livable communities. It lists projects like Ladislawa Garden Village, Las Terrazas and Woodridge Fernwood and Woodlane Residences as its completed projects and currently building a few more.

With half a century of delivering quality suburban havens, the company’s developments are sought-after in Davao. One project after another, Toto takes the forefront on the progress, “My job requires me to be on the field to oversee construction and engineering works,” he said.

But his line of work goes beyond fieldwork, “I deal with business partners and clients as well,” he shared.

Thus, he finds it important to be well groomed all the time. “Good grooming is looking decent and presentable all the time.”

For his grooming needs he trusts Rocky’s Barbershop.

“It’s been too long to remember,” he said when asked when his first visit was. In fact, he was one of the first clients of Rocky’s when the first branch in Victoria Plaza opened in 1996.

What he remembers after his first visit was he liked the barbershop’s accessibility, professional service and good facilities. He was delighted to finally have a mall-based barbershop. Rocky’s is conveniently located, safe and secure.

Trust. For father & son de Jesus, they trust Rock's Barbershop for their gromming needs

Knowing that Rocky’s barbers are properly trained and provide quality service, he took his 1-year old son, Timmy, for his first haircut in 2003 at Rocky’s SM City mall. “He was moving too much but the barber managed well,” Toto said.

Since then visiting Rocky’s Barbershops was a father and son thing for Toto and Timmy. Once a month they have haircuts together at any of the Rocky’s branches. The son may have suki barber, Fernan, who knows what his young client wants and listens to his requests, but Timmy doesn’t mind having the barbers trim his hair.

What made them loyal to Rocky’s?

“My son and I are happy with the high quality of service at Rocky’s. Our suki barbers already know our preferred haircut. If there’s one person you need to trust, it’s your barber! At Rocky’s, all the barbers are properly trained, skilled at their craft, and courteous. The shops are conveniently located in the malls and have good facilities. We wouldn’t want it any other way,” replied Toto.

“Rocky’s has become a regular habit for us through the years. The shops get renovated once in a while and facilities keep improving. Having a haircut at Rocky’s is a pleasant experience every time and it is something we look forward to,” he added.

Just like Toto’s place of work, Rocky’s Barbershop values trust and integrity. At 20 years old, Rocky’s has become an institution, a trusted name in the men’s grooming industry. A steadily growing number of branches and long list of loyal clientele are its validations. Grooming is a Rocky’s family tradition passed from generation to the next.

“In our family, we teach our son Timmy these same values of trust and integrity by showing him that he can always rely on the family to be on his side and that we always wish the best for each other, ” shared Toto, and Rocky’s embrace the same values.

On the 20th year anniversary of Rocky’s, Toto says, “I wish to congratulate Rocky’s for being Davao’s No. 1 chain of barbershops all these years and may Rocky’s continue to serve many, many more happy customers in the years to come!”

Rocky’s Barbershop is the first barbershop to open in a mall in Davao City in 1986. All its five branches today are conveniently located in malls- Victoria Plaza, Abreeza Mall, GMall, SM City & SM Lanang Premier, with its newest branch in Centrio Mall in Cagayan de Oro City. 2016 marks its 20th year in the business.

Toto and Timmy de Jesus are the featured father and son personalities in the 2016 traditions calendar of Rocky’s Barbershop.

Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on May 14, 2016.