M&S Davao Style File: Carlo Lorenzana, Project Dad

What do they say about dads when it comes to shopping? Responses are mixed, but most would say dads don’t make good shopping companions. Maybe because they already know what they want, clothes included.

Shopping is a pick up-and-go errand.

“It’s jeans for me when in Davao for work.” 

The thing about men is when they change status they also change priorities. Perhaps even shed the image of the stylish single man.

When family comes along, concerns will be redirected. Shopping trips may turn rare, if not extinct.

But if they go shop, it will be have to pieces of good value, timeless and durable, the qualities businessman Carlo Lorenzana, 38, would go for.

“Preppy look works for me, then and now.” 
On Carlo: sports short in bright turquoise, navy twill shorts.

I sat down with the young father, husband to Julia, and father to the two and a half year old Javier and six month old Claudia, to know more about what his fashion choices are and how much it has changed after he became a dad.

What’s your fashion style?

I like classic. Even my casual clothes I want it timeless. I still wear clothes I got from more than ten years ago.

Who is the fashion icon you look up to?

Can I relate a movie? The Talented Mr. Ripley. I like that style, the classic look of the 50s. You have those solid brands that are still in circulation now.

“This is my style” 
On Carlo: printed tailored fit shirt in navy, regular fit chinos in light stone.

How does your closet look like then and now?

When I was single, I was brand conscious, but when I got older I started buying local brands. I still buy international brands, but when I do, I make sure it’s of high quality so I can use them for quite a long time.

I have 10-year old clothes I still wear in my closet.

Your daily wear?

Weekdays it’s jeans or slacks at work at Mancor, which involves visiting the rice mills.

How often do you dress up for evenings?

Whenever I’m in Manila, visit La Cabrera (one of the restaurants he co-owns) or go to meetings I get to wear long sleeves and whenever there’s an event, I put on a blazer.

What dictates your style?

The place I go to and the people I meet, the time of day and even the season.

Who shops for you?

Lately, it’s my wife. Sometimes, me, once in a long while.

How often?

Julia buys me clothes monthly, sometimes weekly. Suddenly I see new clothes in my closet. She knows my style, and I wear it all the time. I buy shoes that are durable and which can be used for a few years.

Do you set a price limit when shopping for clothes?

During my bachelor days it has to be medium to high price range.
Now that I’m married, my budget is about a thousand or a little more for a shirt and pants.

The qualities you look for in your choice of clothes?

Classic, timeless and something that lasts, and good quality.

“I go for clothes with the classic look. It won’t go out of style.” 
On Carlo: regular fit cotton slub polo, slim fit slacks in camel.

Just like M&S?

Yes, I see Marks & Spencer as affordable luxury. It’s something I will buy to wear daily. They have good quality clothes but won’t break your bank account. I still have the button down checkered shirts I bought years back.

I used to call it St. Michaels because I always had the brand’s products like the slip-ons. I grew up to the brand and had lots of hand-me-downs from my dad.

Marks & Spencer dressed up businessman and father, Carlo Lorenzana, with pieces from its M&S Collection Style with Value to show what the brand has in store for dads like him who believes in the resilience of classic design, clothes with good quality at outstanding value.

From the clothes you tried, which did you like best?

I can wear everything but my favorites are the linen polo and the blue printed shirt with the khaki slacks. That’s more of my style.

Did you know that the price range of the pieces you tried on today is P795 to P1,650 only?

See? That’s what I mean, get more bang for your buck at M&S.

“I do wear this relaxing get-up in cooler places.” 
On Carlo: crease-free linen blend short sleeve polos, striped t-shirt, colored denim pants in petrol.

If you’re thinking of what to get Dad on Father’s Day, go to M&S. He’ll find the clothes he wants for the prices he will adore, or you, if you’re buying.

Fashion: Marks & Spencer’s M&S Collection Style with Value available in Abreeza Mall & SM Lanang Premier
Photography: WizbrenAng
Styling: Jinggoy Salvador