The Best Dressed List : 52nd Hijos de Davao ball

IF THERE is one event that I look forward to it’s the Hijos de Davao grand ball. It’s an annual gathering of the Dabawenyos to celebrate the feast of the city’s patron saint, San Pedro, the chance to catch up with the local folks and to see everyone attending all dolled up for the event.

All dolled up a the 52nd Hijos de Davao anniversary ball

The Golden Year celebration of the organization brought back glamour to the scene and I am crossing my fingers that it stays on until the next milestone is reached.

Davao designers were busy in their ateliers fashioning Filipiniana formals for two major events. One, for the momentous time in the country’s history (especially for Davao and Mindanao) as our beloved ex-Mayor Rody Duterte is inaugurated as the 16th president of the republic, and the other, the 52nd Hijos de Davao gala.

At the Hijos de Davao affair, a few women stood out from the rest.

Elegance in monotone was the key phrase to describe their gala garments.

Yvonne Sasin was striking in her pink silk number with flowing ribbonettes across the bodice like royal sashes pinned on the waist by a crystal brooch.

Yvonne Sasin in Aris Escarilla

On the lighter shade of pink, a couple of young ladies rose above their peers. So ladylike, age-appropriate and graceful in their pastel ternos were Arianna del Rosario and Abigail Belisario.

Ariana del Rosario in Bobby Castillo & Abi Belisario in Edgar Buyan

Another pastel piece that made an impact was Dicdic Rodriguez’s. It hugged her frame well and the embellishment was just right.

Dicdic Rodriguez in Windel Mira

So was with Amy Diano’s magenta piece. The diamond pattern beadwork on the bodice did the trick.

Amy Diano in Bobby Castillo

Although nothing can best custom-made ternos, there are a growing number of women who are looking at an alternative route to the Filipino formal vestment.

It has become fashionable to re-fashion evening gowns and adding the butterfly sleeves — be it permanent or detachable — to adhere to the dress code of Filipino formal. A wise move indeed, and unless the measure is revealed, no one will notice.

Dottie Rugler-Cronin in Erwin Tan

Sharing their secrets were Dottie Wurgler-Cronin, Mylene Albano and Meg Roque, who were stunning in the Rigodon de Honor donning their cocktail gowns turned terns.

Meg Roque in redesigned Kay Unger

Mylene Albano in resdesigned Marchesa

I salute those who still arrive in style, in the dress code, as attendees of the gala. It truly makes the event more elegant.

Looking striking in their evening choices were the muse, Anmarie Gahol, and her mother, Malouchi, in their citrusy tones of lime and lemon strapless long gowns.

Malouchi & Anmarie Gahol, the mother & daughter in Oscar de la Renta.

Young Seline Co and Cecilia Reta looked like princesses in their blue and rose gowns respectively.

Seline Co in Frances Tendencia

Congratulations ladies! Keep the elegance alive in our annual ball. You make me look forward to the next Hijos de Davao gathering.