B*tch Bites: Fab hotel food around town

HALF of the year has passed and I’m still procrastinating on starting my diet and exercise routine. With the countless invitations to dinner and food sampling around town, maybe I will start next year.

What’s new to taste? Here’s what the hotels are offering around town.

Seda Abreeza’s midyear food treats.

The urban lifestyle hotel’s all-day dining restaurant, Misto, launches its newest and exciting promotions to kick off the second half of the year with Buffet Fridays; Beer and Barbecue Nights; Afternoon Tea; and Wine & Cheese.

Chill & grill on Saturdays by the Seda pool for the Beer & Barbecue Nights

End a workweek enjoying a wide-ranging menu of local and international dishes. Buffet Fridays offers all-time favorites from main course to desserts. Live performances will complete the experience.

It’s chill and grill on Saturdays by the Seda pool. Beer and Barbecue Nights offer grilled classics like pork belly, Hungarian sausage, and chicken wings guests can cook themselves, and match with chilled beers. Local artists will provide live entertainment.

An afternoon tea and dessert treat is also being offered in Misto daily.

Whether it’s a business meeting or midday break, guests can enjoy a selection of teas with a serving of mini-sandwiches, scones and delicious (!) pastries.

Misto is baking must-have pastries

Stay towards the evening and enjoy the Wine & Cheese offering. Wine is served buffet style for two hours, which you’ll get to enjoy more with your delectable cheese platter for two.

Wine buffet & cheese will be offered daily

Rating: Overall rating 4/5 Apples.

Home Crest’s expansion includes a new resto.

The new 6-storey Home Crest Hotel expands to include 64 non-smoking, well-appointed rooms, which include an executive suite; a VIP Lounge; a ballroom; meeting rooms; and Cena Modern Bistro, a nice addition to the exciting dining spots south of the city.

Now serving at the CENA Modern Bistro at the new Home Crest Hotel

Listed on the restaurant menu are a good number of tasty, generously portioned and fairly priced dishes.

Go for the pizza and pasta dishes, the Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dip and bacon slab.

Delightful sweet treat- Smores with Vanilla Ice Cream at CENA Modern Bistro

Rating: Overall food taste, serving size and price 3/5 Apples.

Marco Polo’s new signature drink.

Recently, Marco Polo Davao added a new drink to its signature drink list — the Earl Grape Ice Tea, the winning recipe of Marco Polo Xiamen in the hotel chain’s beverage concoction competition.

Marco Polo Davao is now serving its new signature iced tea drink

Preparing the Earl Grape Iced Tea is quite detailed. Two types of ice cubes are included in the drink: one made with elderflower syrup and the other with water steeped with loose earl grey tea leaves. The main beverage is made with freshly steeped earl grey tea left to sit overnight in cold temperature.

To serve, seedless green grapes are placed slightly squashed in a glass, the two kinds of ice cubes are added and the concentrated earl grey tea is poured.

Elderflower flavored ice cubes & Earl Grey flavored ice cubes over green grapes.

To accentuate the flavors of the refreshing iced tea beverage, freshly baked lokum, a sugar-based Turkish confection, is served.

Rating: None as I have yet to try this interesting drink.