July 2016 musings: Model behavior

That was quick! Another 30 days flew by and tomorrow kicks off the Kadayawan festival fever in the city.

The most significant event this month must be the SONA. As usual, leave it to President Digong to go beyond the scripted and allotted time. It’s with good reason though as he tackled in detail the plans of this administration.

Quotable quotes came aplenty at the SONA

There will always be an opposition aka the haters. They will only see what they want to see even on the cleanest of slates. A minutest of dust particle will always be magnified in their eyes like a giant smudge of mud on an immaculate white shirt.

I see Digong as a role model for change. He is fearless, iron-fisted when it comes to dealing with the menaces of society. Only those who truly know this man know that he has a soft heart.

Even his fashion, the Barong Tagalog with denim, is rebellious. He’s not the first to twist it though. Didn’t Anthony Castello tuck his Barong in his pants? I love the idea of going against the norm.

Just like in the recent wedding I attended where I donned my M&S ensemble. Rarely do I attend weddings, even rarer that I don formal get-ups—if pairing it with a pair of sneakers will even pass as formal. 

Model behavior. Making this a signature look- the formal wear with sneakers. I need to be in comfortable shoes to move around & take pictures

It was the second time this year that I took the look to the ballroom. The first was at the Hijos de Davao gala. On both times, unknown to all, the girdle was bursting at its seams against extreme challenge of thy belly.

I also worked the runway twice this year. First for the Philippine Eagle fundraising event and yesterday at the Style Origins, an Ayala Mall annual fashion event. 

In my good ol' sneakers at the make-up room of My Style Origins in Abreeeza Mall.

It was strange that they invited me to be part of a ramp show. I don’t even know why I said yes.

But I know why I said yes to the early bird specials of Rekado and Seda Abreeza. I admire these two establishment’s women chefs who seem to be cooking like they’re preparing for a special guest at their own homes. 

First to present the Kadayawan specials. Rekado's Tisha & Chef Pauline & the crabs cooked three ways

Chef Pauline Rekado pulled out another winner from her toque with three crustacean specialty dishes while Sous Chef Bang Garcia put a twist to the usual August fare by tweaking the traditional menu.

The two restos kicked off the festival eating frenzy, which made my belly happy. There are a few more lined up on the onset of August.

Seda was 2nd to present their Kadayawan specials & this dish blew me over is a must try- Sauteed Water Spinach with coco cream, shrimp paste & garlic chips

But before Davao blows the 31 candles on its cake, Piccolo Kids Club blew it’s first at its recent launching at the Marco Polo Davao.

Although the new hotel offering is designed to make the kids THE boss, the first serving turned us, the adults, to kids. We were made to participate in all the activities of the children’s party—games, a bubble show, meet and greet the mascots, and eat the kiddie meals. It was reliving childhood, but in a grander way.

The Piccolo Kids Club was created to take away the stress of party organizing from the parents’ hands. 

Oh, to be a kid again in this age & time. The Piccolo Kids Club makes kids the boss & takes off the stress from the parents with its party packages

Believe me, they will need the services of an organizer. Parties for kids these days are unlike the parties before.

Take for instance the recent children’s party I attended. The one-year old celebrant’s party—from invitation to set-up— was grand enough to rival that of a debutant’s or even that of a newlywed’s. Well, who wouldn’t want the best for their kids?

A grand party as Aeofi turned one. Wait until she turns 7 & 18 (Photo by Vanessa Ong)

July was a happy month, so will August, which will then lead to the happier “ber” months. That signals the start of the Christmas season. Jingle Bells.


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Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on July 31, 2016.