It’s crabs season at Rekado this Kadayawan

The home of Filipino comfort cuisine is now serving its three new crab dishes: the Crabs in Oriental Sauce, Salt & Pepper Crabs, & the Crabs Tininghi

The Kadayawan brings out Davao’s most sumptuous spread once more. Fresh fruits and seafood are the highlights of the season.

In celebration of the festival season, Rekado Filipino Comfort Food introduces new items on the seafood menu.

“We will be introducing the crabs cooked in three recipes: the Crabs in Oriental Sauce, Salt and Pepper Crabs and Crab Tininghi,” said Chef Pauline Benedicto-Malilin.

Sisters & business partners, Tisha & Chef Pauline, presenting the new seafood dishes of Rekado served this August

The Crabs in Oriental Sauce is mildly spicy. Chilis are the base of this dish but it is balanced with the hint of sweetness. The perfect harmony of the two flavors is well coated on the deep fried crabs.

Mildly spicy The Crabs in Oriental Sauce

The Salt and Pepper Crabs is cooked by tossing fresh crabs in white wine infused with chilis, onions and other flavorful aromatics. Both fragrant and savory, this newcomer on the menu will be a sure fire hit.

The Salt and Pepper Crabs is cooked by tossing fresh crabs in white wine infused with chilis, onions and other flavorful aromatics

A step up on one of Rekado’s bestsellers, the Shrimp Tininghi, is the Crab Tininghi. As if the original dish couldn’t get any better, the chef leveled it up by using crabs. The dish is prepared with a flavorful paste simmered in coconut milk and sweetened by coconut milk.

The Crab Tininghi, a step up on one of Rekado’s bestsellers, the Shrimp Tininghi

“I’ve had these recipes for so long now and waited for the right moment to launch it and put it alongside the well-loved seafood dishes on the Rekado menu. The Kadayawan month is the perfect time to introduce and highlight these crab dishes,” shared the chef.

THe davao media gets first dibs on the new Rekado dishes

Over the recent luncheon hosted for the Davoa media, the chef opted to include two of Rekado’s well-loved dishes that went well with the theme of spread—the Gising-gising, winged beans (sigarilyas) slow cooked in coconut milk and topped with crispy dilis; and the Tuna Panga, fresh panga ng tuna of good quality finely seasoned with salt and pepper and basted with sauce of lemon, butter with garlic and grilled over charcoal, topped with roasted garlic and served with Ensladang Talong, Burong Mangga and soy sauce dipping.

The Davao favorite- Tuna Panga, joined the spread. "We only use good quality tuna for our Tuna Panga dish," said Chef Pauline of the Rekado bestseller

The tuna panga accompaniments- Ensaladang Talong & Burong Manga

And the all-time favorite Gising-gising.

“We’re giving the foodies, especially the seafood lovers, three more good reasons to experience Rekado cuisine. It’s comfort food, but with a twist,” said Tisha Benedicto-Sebastian, the chef’s sister and business partner.

The Benedicto sisters & the honoree of the restaurant they built, their mom

Rekado Filipino Comfort Food is along Jacinto Extension. For inquiries and reservations, call (082) 224-3031. Find them on Facebook: Rekado Davao, and on Instagram: RekadoDavao.