Rocky's x Vince Arcenas: Like father, like son

THE fruit does not fall far from the tree. This is the perfect way to describe the Arcenas boys. Nine-year old Lucas can pass off as a carbon copy of his dad, Vince, in more ways than one.

Vince is into farming, so does Lucas, who has his own garden plot at home

Vince Arcenas, 39, identifies himself as a farmer, and probably has been all his life.

“Being a farmer entails constant monitoring not just about the operations and the crops but most importantly the people. Happy workers mean better production,” he said.

Vince does not only monitors the daily operation of the farm in Makilala, North Cotabato, which grows bananas, rubber and mahogany trees (he admits walking through all the areas and check on the plants), he also looks after the finances, the staff’s work schedule and payroll.

Regularly, he takes his son along to show him how the farm runs and to meet the workers.

“Lucas gets along with them,” shared Vince, “Just like me, he is a people person. Lucas loves people in general and he takes interest in them. His being sociable he takes from his mom.”

It’s not a surprise that the young man has his own “farm” at home, a garden plot, plus a complete set of farming implements— shovels, picks, watering cans. He learns about farming thru play.

“I don't know if he will be interested in the business, but that’s fine with me. He should pursue his passion wherever that takes him. I will encourage and support him all the way,” he said.

Farming is just of one of the boys’ bonding moments. Vince admits that he bonds with Lucas on a daily basis through conversations, doing his homework and sports, which include wrestling.

“My son has so much energy which he releases through sports, games and dance, too. That energetic trait of him he takes from me, but I’ve chilled out since I was his age.”

Lucas' energetic personalty he take from me, his being sociable, from his mom, Tricie

“We do regular outings as well. Car rides give an opportunity for conversations sans distractions. These are moments to learn about each other's day.”

Growing up in homes with rules, Vince and his wife have their own set of rules in their own home: pack away after playing, greet each other and the guests, no screen time during school days, prayers at night and at meal time, and do minor chores.

Good grooming is also on the list, and getting a haircut is another bonding time for the boys.

“We go to Rocky’s Barbershop in SM Lanang Premier and Lucas and I pretty much sport the same hairstyle.”

Sharing many things in common, including the same hairstyle. They go to Rocky's Barbershop for their regular grooming

It’s been four years now since Vince chanced upon Rocky’s at the mall close to home. He liked the location, that the place is simple, nice, and clean, and gave it a try.

It was love at first haircut, of which he said, “It was very good and I like the post service.” He was pertaining to the complimentary massage that comes after every haircut at any of the Rocky’s barbershops.

Vince likes the professionalism of his “suki” barber, Jerry, and and that he delivers every time. “I like his cutting style and personality.”

Lucas joined his dad as a regular client of Rocky’s a year after. The boy doesn’t have a barber of choice, but even if he is the more meticulous client, the barbers deliver good service because he is vocal with his praises after his haircut.

This is one of the moments when Lucas’ positive upbringing shows.

“My wife and I always tell our children to treat others the way they want to be treated, appreciate what they have and enjoy themselves at whatever they do.”

It’s all about family support and proper guidance when raising kids to become responsible and well-mannered individuals.

Good manners and proper grooming are traditions that Vince can pass on to his son. On the latter, Rocky’s Barbershop is glad to be a part of.

On Rocky’s 20th year in the men’s grooming business, Vince and Lucas say, “Good job guys! Keep on cutting.”

Rocky’s Barbershop is the first barbershop to open in a mall in Davao City in 1986. All its five branches today are conveniently located in malls- Victoria Plaza, Abreeza Mall, GMall, SM City & SM Lanang Premier in Davao City, and Centrio Ayala Mall in Cagayan de Oro City. 2016 marks its 20th year in the business.

Vonce and Lucas Arcenas are the featured Father and Son personalities for July in the 2016 Traditions calendar of Rocky’s.