Something new, something blue

MEN and women look their best on wedding day. They are radiant. I guess that’s what love can do.

The ceremonial throwing of the bouqet led by Abreeza Mall's Ruby Ochoa to formally open the Kasalang FIlipino 2016 wedding fair & exhibit at the Abreeza Mall

What to wear on the wedding day? If you ask me, nothing beats a bespoke Barong. The right fit always makes the man. Plus. The material is best suited for the local weather and yes, quite patriotic.

It’s the bride though that dictates the groom’s attire. The need for men to don the coat and tie arises mainly to complement his woman’s opted gown design. The look must match.

Find something new, something white for the bride at the wedding fair

The wedding attire is just one of the components to a perfect wedding. And perfect is defined as if the wedding made the bride happy. To reach this state, the process can be stressful.

Though the coordinator can lighten the load (if you chose wisely) always point out the supplier you personally know and worked with.

If you’re shopping now for a venue, photographer, printer and even a designer, try visiting Kasalang Filipino at the Abreeza Mall atrium now. It’s a wedding suppliers’ exhibition and you might find what you’re looking for.

There's a million other words spoken during a wedding prep before say these two words.

Brides don’t forget the three rules of dressing up—something new, something old and something blue.

Something blue— a wedding gown in denim for the avant-garde bride, why not? You know how denim can be so versatile that it has homogenized into high fashion.

Denim has gone a long way from its mining gear origin to becoming a wardrobe staple today. Its versatility plus its departure from blue to an extensive range of colors available today take it from the streets to the corporate floor and the party scene sported by people of all ages.

Chic. The denim raring to party.

It’s all about styling the gear to come up with the desired look for the occasion. A sports jacket over the t-shirt, the good old reliable Chuck Taylors or a tan driver mocs with the blue jeans will up your look.

The SM Youth Ambassadors composed of teen heartthrobs (whom I cannot relate to because of the age gap LOL) worked the runway with a few how-to-wear-denim looks in the recent Denim Citizen fashion show.

Something blue at the SM Lanang Premier's Denim Citizen fashion presentation

Although a few looks were too heavy for comfort, the show delivered its point—everything you see is available in the department store. Ultimately, it’s your personal style that will dictate which pieces will work for you.

Overall, Denim Citizen on the ramp was well styled and Forever 21 should hire the show’s stylist on its next Davao show.

The heartthrobs & the heartprob (in more ways than one)

Back to your denim gown, you can wear it to the next ball you’re attending.

And to the groom, if you’re still doubtful that you can’t match the Barong with denim, let me point out the president to you. He got away with it.

You can, too. All you need is the right attitude. Confidence is the key word. If you have it then nothing else will matter.

White or blue, you got to work it down the aisle.