Like a Leica in Huawei

Lately I have been toying on the idea of getting a new camera, but which brand do I buy this time?

Although my Lumix LX3 with Leica lens is still in great condition, I like the output of the newer cameras, but my conditions apply on owning a new camera. The unit has to be portable and convenient to carry, zoom lens has to capture the images sharply, easy to manipulate by a camera idiot like I am, and of course, it has be within my budget.


My Lumix LX5 cam is well traveled

My loyal travel companion- the Lumix LX5. From Europe to America to Asia, it documented so many good memories for years now


Professionals threw in their five cents worth, but I am still leaning on the new model of the Lumix. Maybe I will stick to that until I get convinced to look into another brand.

In one shoot for a client, the featured personality was a photographer.

During our discussion about cameras he showed me a Huawei P9 phone.

“Your travel writing requires you to explore a lot, you cover social functions constantly, and you don’t want to lug a DSLR. Here’s a smartphone with a good camera that you fit into your pocket. Get one of these, this one’s got Leica lens in it,” he said.


Should I buy the Huawei P9 with Leica lens

The Huawei P9. Should I or shouldn’t I. The Leica tech is in this one & a photographer suggested that I should own one.


He went into details of his phone’s features—sleek, easy to handle body; dual lens camera on both sides of the phone; produces vivid images; and creates the bokeh (blur effect) like it was shot by a DSLR camera.

Toying with it for a few minutes, I got interested and used to take shots. Those photos ended up printed in the newspaper.

No sooner, I got invited to a product demo and photo walk using the same unit. It was fate telling me, “Here’s the pocket-sized camera with Leica lens you want.” I guess the phone is the bonus part of this gadget.


Hwuawei Davao photowalk organizers

Ogilvy’s Pam Mariano & Ava Castillo flanking Corrine Bacani of Huawei


At the gathering, Benjo Campomanes, Jr. and Billy Mondonedo of the Leica Club Manila shared their expertise in photography, presented their works and compared several photos using their camera and the Huawei unit.


Huawei guest speakers from the Leica club Manila

The Leica Club of Manila’s Billy Mondonedo & Benjo Campomanes, Jr


No difference. Which only proves what the product claims—Huawei blurs the line between smartphones and professional cameras. The union, Huawei + Leica, is indeed a game changer in smartphone technology.


Huawei P9 was used for the Davao photo walk

The tool of the photography trade- the Huawe P9 smartphone co-engineered by Leica. All photos artsy-fartsy shots by this gadget


“The iconic camera maker, Leica, was invented for street photography,” Billy said, and to try the gadget ourselves, we went on a photo walk at People’s Park.


Photowalk for Davao media & bloggers hosted by Huawei

To People’s Park for the Huawei photo walk


“Take your best shots, choose two and present it to us. The best photo wins a Huawei P9.”

We were all excited, did our personal best and hoped to snag the loot.


Wheel. Photo taken by Huawei smartphone

The wheel’s shadow


Leaves. Photo taken by Huawei smartphone

Under the sun


Wood shot. Photo taken by Huawei smartphone



Seesaws at the playground. Photo taken by Huawei smartphone

Where are the children?


Shadow shot. Photo taken by Huawei smartphone

Shadow play


Slide with boy. Photo taken by Huawei smartphone

The slide


Girl on a horse. Photo taken by Huawei smartphone



Fountain statues. Photo taken by Huawei smartphone.

Pee in the fountain


Boy in the park. Photo taken by Huawei smartphone

The boy in green


But like any artwork, the appreciation is subjective. Like any other contests, there’s only one winner.

In short, I didn’t win.


Huwawei P9 and me using a P2

I didn’t win a P9 but I won a P2.


Am I getting one a Huawei P9? I’m very tempted. Let me check what else is in the market and weigh things carefully, but so far, I’m liking the Leica.

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Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.