PAL Davao unveils a new look

With all eyes on Mindanao airline passenger load to the South has increased. This prompted Philippine Airlines to schedule eight flights daily to service this sector utilizing the A321 with 199-passenger capacity. On peak times, an A330 with a load of more than 300 is used.


Tribal dance performance at the PAL office opening in Davao

A festive opening with a Davao touch. PAL unveils a new look for the Davao ticket office


“Looking forward, if the traffic is there we will have to upgrade our aircrafts. We are upbeat with the demand coming to and from Davao and the rest of Mindanao,” said Vic Suarez, PAL Area Manager for Mindanao Sales and Services.


Vic Suarez at the opening go the new PAL Davao office

Vic Suarez, PAL Mindanao Sales & Service Manager, welcomes the guests to the opening of the redesigned office


Perhaps this was the ideal time to upgrade their ticket office as well. According to Jaime Bautista, President and COO of PAL, the new design of the Davao ticket office will be the template of the rest of the ticket offices nationwide.


Jaime Bautista at the opening of the new PAL Davao ticket office

Always the charming man. President & COO of Philippine Airlines, Jaime Bautista, gives a heartwarming speech at the unveiling of the new PAL office affair.


Brighter and more spacious, this is the look of the new office. At the backdrop, the airline’s popular destinations are presented, perhaps to entice the passengers to visit if they haven’t or reminisce if they have, and over these details, the PAL logo shines brightly.


PAL Davao ticket office's new look

The new look of the PAL Davao ticket office.


The inauguration of the new office was an important affair as it flew in PAL’s top executives, who personally welcomed the guests, including the officials of the current administration—DOT Secretary Wanda Teo, Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar and Presidential Spokesperson Ernie Abella.


Guests at the opening of the new PAL Davao office

Special guests of the affair-Director Brillante Mendoza, DoT Secretary Wanda Teo, PAL President & COO Jaime Bautista, Presidential spokesperson Ernie Abella & PCOO Secretary Martin Andanar


PAL big bosses grace the opening of the PAL ticket office in Davao

PAL big bosses flying in for the opening: Ryan Uy, VP Sales; Nikki Gozon, SVP Flight Operations; Jaime Bautista, President & COO; Dave Lim, SVP Commercial Group; Harry Inoferio, SAVP Sales PH; Domingo Duerme, former SAVP Mindanao Sales; Charlie Yu, Consultant for Public Relations; & Victor Suarez, Manager Mindanao Sales


The new tourism head said that in line with DOT’s agenda for the next six years to enhance growth of Philippine tourism, it is counting on PAL’s leadership in the country’s aviation industry to make the Philippines more accessible to domestic and foreign tourists and connecting the islands to the rest of the world.


PAL Office opening guest DOT Sec Teo

DOT Secretary Wanda Teo at the opening of the new Davao PAL office


If that’s the case, expect bigger aircrafts flying over the Davao skies in the coming days because to date the load of travelers is on the high level, and the local ticket office’s output can prove it.


Dave Lim of PAL gives a toast

A toast to PAL, given Dave Lim, SVP Commercial Group


“The performance of this ticket office is unprecedented,” said Suarez, “And with the new office, we will be able to extend a better service for the passengers. When they come in we can serve them more conveniently. The temperature is cool and they can sit comfortably on chairs we can liken to aircraft seats.”


PAL Davao employees with corporate bosses

Expect the Heart of the Filipino service from team PAL Davao, here with the corporate heads.


“It’s one of the ongoing upgrades of Philippine Airlines to achieve their mission to become a five star airline in the next five years,” he added.


Guests at the opening of PAL ticket office in Davao

Lisette Marques, ASec for Appointments Office; Pinky Pineda, PAL Davao Sales Manager; Benjie Lizada, Pres of Restaurant Owners Association of Davao.


Davao VIPs at the opening of the new PAL ticket office

Marco Polo GM Dottie Wurgler-Cronin , Cong Milen Albano & DATA Pres Gatchi Gatchalian


DOT Sec & Davao travel agents at the PAL office opening in Davao

Tourism players & partners. DOT Sec. Wanda Teo with the Davao travel agents- John Tan, Christine Loyola, Lito Tan & Machida Takakazu


Travel agents at the opening of the PAL office in Davao

Davao travel agents Ivy Tan, Pia Montano, Chrsitine Loyola & Joy Loyola


But what else does it take to achieve a five star mark?

Along with a new fleet of modern aircrafts, new routes and applying the latest technology to connect with the passengers, there should always be that human touch present, the “Heart of the Filipino,” as PAL brands it.

It’s making sure that even the shortest trip bears the Pinoy mark of warmth, from the moment the traveler steps in the office to avail of a journey and exits with a guaranteed after sales service to the time he boards the plane. It’s that same warmth that lingers days after the flight and still elicit a smile.

Perhaps, it’s the personal connection that will make PAL endearing to its passenger, and in the long run, earn their respect and loyalty.


PAL employees at the Davao ticket opening party

Smiles after a successful gathering. Faith Rubillo, Davao Sr. Sales rep.; Sheila Tomas SAVP Corp Planning; Nikki Gozon; Cecil Robles from the office of the President & COO; & Leana Sanga, Secretary, Mindanao Sales.


It’s always a good feeling not to get lost in the long list of passengers and see the extra effort via a call or an email when there’s a change in flight schedule and offer options convenient to the client, which other airlines do; a person who can address an immediate matter; get an apology after a slip on service or even a note of gratitude when needed; and, witness a genuine smile, equal care and fair service extended to each passenger, be it the first time flyer or the million miler, the traveler in coach or business class, the digitally influential supermodel or the seat sale-purchasing commuter.

It’s these little acts that make the whole. If none is overlooked, then no doubt PAL is on the right flight path to claiming its five stars in no time.

And it all starts when a would-be traveler steps into the ticket office….


Salespeople at PAL ticket office in Davao

The Heart of the FIlipino’s service starts when a would be passenger enters the ticket office


Selfie with PAL president & guests at the opening of the Davao ticket office

Of course, a selfie. You kind of expected this from me. LOL

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