Apples: "Tropa Thing", from competition to spirit of camaraderie

Through the years, TNT, the country’s largest mobile prepaid brand under Smart Communications, has been a real katropa of the Generals (residents of General Santos City) in celebrating the city’s abundance of fish products at the Tuna Festival.


The venue of the TNT event in General Santos City

The venue of the TNT event in General Santos City


So when TNT called for participants for ‘It’s a Tropa Thing Dance Showdown,’ an interschool dance contest for the 2016 Tuna Festival, the ‘Generals’ heeded the call.

It could have been a grand dance showdown with talented crews showing up ready to wow the crowd at the  Oval Plaza , but it ended up differently. The contest was cancelled.


Dancers on stage

No contest on this stage, just performances in the spirit of brotherhood for the neighboring city


In its place was an even better event– a grand dance show minus the competition.

The decision to forego the contest and instead perform before the festival attendees was a display of spirit of unity in the face of adversity, the spirit for friendship and oneness with the fellow Mindanawons. It was General Santos’ response, perhaps a tribute, to the recent Roxas bombing in Davao City not more than 150 kilometers away from the city.


Dance troop in Gerneral Santos performs on stage

From contest to show. One of the participating dance troops.


TNT fostered this Tropa spirit and divided the allocated prizes to all the dance crews.


Prizes were distributed equally among the participants as honorarium

More than happy. All the dance troops came out as winners


Also present at the event was YouTube sensation Zendee Tenerefe, who originally hailed from Gensan before rising to stardom. She ended her performance with an emotional rendition of “One Day by Matisyahu,” regarded as an “Anthem of Hope” by critics, and dedicated it to the victims of the Davao incident.


YouTube sensation originally from General Santos City

YouTube sensation Zendee Tenerefe


Apples for the dance crew and TNT.

Following the relaunch of the brand, TNT subscribers can expect more tropa-perfect offers that will give katropas all over the country more reasons to stay connected and bonded through the most affordable calls, texts and mobile Internet offers.