September musings: Apples for an art-filled Ber month

The Mid-Autumn moon beamed brightly on Davao’s art scene. Although the scene called for a serving of mooncake, art was not limited to the Chinese genre, there was an impressive array of Japanese and Filipino as well.

Altogether the month was a feast for the palate and the vision. What luck Davao has received.

Japanese art

This year’s edition was exciting with the addition of new blood on the club’s roster of members.

Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement, is an art installation mastered with discipline. The beauty for this one though is fleeting as if telling its audience to appreciate the present.


Ikebana by Davao artist

Japanese art. My favortie in the lot by Benjie Yu, a new member of the Ikebana Davao chapter


Just like any artwork, appreciation is subjective. Though all the “three dimensional canvasses” were fabulous, the minimalist designs caught my attention. Surprisingly, most of those who went for this interpretation belong to the new batch of members.

It seems that the legacy of the Davao Ikebana club is passed on to good hands. Congratulations. Enjoy the apples.

Chinese art

I may have missed the opening Chan Lim Family of Artists and Students Exhibit of Chinese and Western Paintings and the painting workshop hosted for the media, but I was glad I caught the running exhibit that ran for three weeks.

It was the fourth exhibit for the group in Davao mounted in time for the Mid-Autumn festival.

This year, they showcased 300 artworks created by 40 artists that included hand-painted Chinese lanterns, scrolls and 3D art on porcelain plates.


Chinese laters with hand painting

Lighting up an atrium with Chinese artistry


Festive best described the exhibition. It literally lit up the atrium of the SM Lanang Premier, which drew the crowd in for a closer look. The functional canvasses presented in a tunnel-like arrangement weren’t only pleasing to the eyes but made a great backdrop for a selfie.

Filipino art

When the master comes calling, the devotees will come. Such is the case of the Ang Kiukok exhibition entitled Southern Sensibilities at the SM City Davao, on it’s last day tomorrow, October 3.

Do you remember when an exhibit was mounted for this artist? I can’t recall myself so I will say this show is one of the most exciting for me.


Ang Kikuok's crucifixion painting

Crucifixion by National Artist from Davao, Ang Kiukok


Having said that, you now know what a big fan I am of this National Artist from Davao. Lucky are those who were able to acquire his art works.

But I also became an instant fan of the young artists young talents from University of Mindanao Fine Arts Program. Highlighted are the art works of Joffry Casan, Charles Ligan, Jr., Alynnah Macla, Kent Mebelinna, Jester Oani, Boylin Poral, Jr., Soon Unlang and Judelyn Villarta, all of whom presented a well-conceptualized interpretation of Mindanao on their large scale canvasses.


contemporary mindanao arti by Kent Mendenillas

Contemporary Mindanao art. Ken Medenilla’s 24-7 365. Oil on canvas. 122 x 91 cm.


Bukidnon artist paints about their cultural gathering

Mindanawon’s obra. Judelyn Mae Villarta’s Bukidnon’s Cultural Gathering. Mixed media on canvas. 183 x 183 cm


It’s a well-curated show by Dabawenya gallery owner, Vita Sarenas, who was impressed with the “intelligent” pieces of the artists. Yes, she also said, the future is very bright for these Mindanawons.

Technology-supported art

I want a new handy camera preferably with Leica lens and it was a coincidence that Huawei sent an invite to check out its new smartphone, the P9, created with Leica technology.

It was a photography workshop with speakers from the Leica Club of Manila sharing their expertise in their medium.


Huawei P9 shot of wheel & shadow

The wheel’s shadow. Taken at People’s Park with Huawei P9 with Leica lens


To try out the P9 and apply what we learned, we went on a photo walk at the People’s Park.

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Also published in SunStar Davao newspaper.