Rocky's x Louie Gahol: Father & son seeing eye to eye

“I see patients with eye problems.  I do consult and treat eye diseases and specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of the leading cause of blindness which is Glaucoma,” shared 50-year old physician, Louie Gahol.

Perhaps fathers would like to have someone follow their career path but in Louie’s case, whatever his son decides on will be as great.

“Christian is only 14 years old and even at this point, I know my son is doing fine as far as his setting and achieving his goals. My wife and I guide and support him whatever he chooses to pursue.”

“My son and I see eye to eye. Young he may be, we are on the same level when it comes to values and principles. It is more on how we react to things that can sometimes differ which we try to discuss and get to talk about.”


Louie & Christian Gahol see eye to eye. This father & son have a lot of things in common


Even if they are on the same wavelength, communication is still a key ingredient to a healthy relationship. To keep the lines always open in the family, they schedule travel regularly, “This is when we can make memories together,” said Louie.

The Gahol boys though have their own time together, their father and son bonding moments.

“We play badminton together on the weekends, and believe it or not, we schedule our monthly haircuts together.”

“Good grooming is very important especially for us physicians because we meet patients daily and have to present ourselves properly. It is, for me, is neatness and cleanliness.”

For 17 years now, Louie has been going to Rocky’s.

“Rocky’s opening in the malls makes men’s grooming very convenient. My first Rocky’s haircut was in 1999 at their Victoria Plaza branch.  Intermittently, I would go to the Gmall branch as well. Now I go to the Abreeza branch because it is more convenient for me and my son.”

Louie remembers the first time he took his son to Rocky’s Victoria Plaza in 2007, when he was five. Since then, it has become a father-son Rocky’s routine and will continue to be so.

“I prefer us to have our haircut simultaneously so we get different barbers who are available to handle us at the same time.”


Travel, bandminton & haircuts are bonding moments for this father & son


Like father like son. Both of them don’t follow hair trends and prefer the basic barber’s cut, which they say the Rocky’s barbers do well; they don’t have a “suki”, they get a seat with whoever is available to cut their hair; and they like the quick service and the good massage after.

“Christian does like it though when his barber styles his hair with gel because he’s able to appreciate his haircut even more.  And then there’s the candy at the reception area.”

Louie’s first impression of Rocky’s was that it was very welcoming with its light and clean interior, the friendliness of the staff evident, and he knows the proprietor stands for quality of service. He admits these are the reason why he became a loyal patron.

“Seeing Rocky’s grow is impressive. From a barbershop to a branch of barbershops is a great feat.  The interiors have changed through the years, becoming more minimalist and modern. I noticed that more services were also added, aside from just cut and shave.  One thing that didn’t change though is their commitment to their clients, and their competent and personable barbers.”

On Rocky’s 20th year, the Gahol boys are thankful to be part of the celebration and extend their sincerest congratulations.

“I think the logo of Rocky’s has stayed true from when it started and I would like to see it remain despite its evolution.  They have already created a following for the brand and this is one of its most recognizable features.”

Their vision of the future is clear, they’re sticking it out with Rocky’s.

Rocky’s Barbershop is the first barbershop to open in a mall in Davao City in 1996. All its five branches today are conveniently located in malls- Victoria Plaza, Abreeza Mall, GMall, SM City & SM Lanang Premier in Davao City, and Centrio Ayala Mall in Cagayan de Oro City. 2016 marks its 20th year in the business.

Louie and Christian Gahol are the featured Father and Son personalities for September in the 2016 Traditions calendar of Rocky’s.

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Also published in SunStar Davao newspaper.