Holiday, celebrate

Celebrate, just like the Queen of Pop said we should. However “take some time to celebrate” in December takes on a whole new meaning when celebrations happen everyday. You know how it is when we Pinoys celebrate, there’s a lot of food and wine on the table. Laughter makes the gathering even merrier.

I had my share of the food, drinks, laughter and the weight gain on the onset of December. I am not complaining but I am not moving either. We all know extra effort is needed to burn off the excess calories. I will have to whip myself after the season.

In the meantime, let me enjoy the season- the food, the drinks, the laughter and some good news from those who hosted the gatherings.

At the Smart Holiday Hoopla, everyone in the room was a kid again. Cupcakes were personalized, maybe to assure we all had a bite of the dessert (LOL), and we had to work for the prizes via the party games.


Smart Holiday Hoopla Christmas party at Homecrest Hotel

Pesonalized cupcakes. Cute


From twerking to mumbling song tiles while wearing a lip retractor to group performances, winners got to take home their prizes.


Smart Holiday Hoopla Christmas party at Homecrest Hotel

At the Smart Holiday Hoopla. Big family. Traditional & digital media in one frame. (jojie alcantara cam)


Maybe the biggest prize was for the city with Smart and PLDT’s news of upgrading their system in the coming days to make communicating faster.

Megaworld kept its gathering intimate. The sudden downpour even made the “gratitude dinner” gathering more intimate with a few guests not making it.


Megawrold Christmas party at Marco Polo Davao

Megarworld’s Harol Geronimo welcoming the Davao media to the 2016 Gratitude DInner


Over food and drinks, which included Fundador Light, news of the township’s development in the North of the city was shared. Harold, the host, painted a picture of what to expect when the well-planned project reaches completion.


Megawrold Christmas party at Marco Polo Davao

At the Megaworld Gratitude Dinner. Everybody happy.


No party games this time. The host’s generosity extended to presenting us with presents as the company’s way of saying thank you for the partnership.

The Sunday stay-in-bed time took a different turn when Bistro Rosario invited me for an afternoon of Christmas Carols. Why not, it’s the holidays anyway.


Christmas party at Bistro Rosario

At Bistro Rosario. Catching up with these two & discovering the lady in red’s newest sweet temptations


It was an afternoon of discoveries.

First, Echoistic, a group of young talented performers, did a mighty fine job in serenading the crowd with Yuletide carols and current favorites.


Christmas party at Bistro Rosario

Young talents to watch out for- the Echoists


Second, Amylou Aarts’ baked creations took me to seventh heaven. The Baklava was fantastic and the other, which made it to this year’s best desserts, I will reveal on the yearend issue.

Perhaps it was a glimpse of more fantastic desserts for this Davao food institution.


Christmas party at Bistro Rosario

At Bistro Rosario’s afternoon of Christmas Carols. The grand matriarch & her grandchildren.


Admit it, if you’re a local, you grew up loving and craving to this day a bite of the ribbonette cake and the butter roll whenever you hear the name Peter Pan and Bistro Rosario.


Christmas party at Bistro Rosario

DVSF Chairman Benjie Lizada with his brood at the family owned Bistro Rosario’s afternoon with Christmas Carols gathering.


The boys in congress’ Christmas party came next. Karlo and Koko Nograles, who succeeded their father, Boy Nograles, and earned their seats in the congressional hall, shared their good news as well.


Christmas party at Royal House Hotel

Congressional men. Karlo & Koko Nograles with the dad, Boy, the former speaker of the House


The new budget has been passed and with it is the share for Mindanao’s development. Both men are in all out support of each other and Davao.


Christmas party at Royal House Hotel

At the “boys in congress” Christmas party. Brothers Karlo & Koko Nograles hosted the gatheirng.


At the DOT-XI yearend gathering, the key tourism players in the Davao region reported on their achievements, and were glad to announce the increase of visitors in their locale.


Christmas party of DOT-XI at Royal Mandaya Hotel

At the DOT XI yearend gathering. Tourism key players all geared up to welcome a higher number of tourists in the coming year


They all shared their plans for the coming year, which included strengthening the partnership with all the provinces in the region.


Christmas party of DOT-XI at Royal Mandaya Hotel

With Davao region’s key tourism players. DOT-XI RD Robby Alabado, Davao del Norte Tourism Officer Noel Daquioag & Mati City Mayor’s Exec. Asst. Tanya Tan


The parties are far from over, there are several more in the coming days and yes, I have accepted the fact that the waist will indeed be gaining an inch or two.

Come 2017, I look forward to the big dreams for Davao turn into reality as I put a stop to the merrymaking and uncontrolled population growth of the fat cells around my belly.

Merry Christmas to all!


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Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.