Kadayawan sa Davao 2018 amplified


What’s in store for Davao. How about a more festive Kadayawan this year

The Kadayawan committee promised it will be a more festive year for the most celebrated event in Davao City. The news was shared at the recent media launch at Marco Polo Davao.

“The Martial Law did not stop us from celebrating Kadayawan last year, and we even had more visitors. We are optimistic to have more visitors this year,” said festival director, Gatchi Gatchalian, adding that festival’s security is still on top of the priorities.

“We made it known how secure and safe Davao was. We beat the odds. People came and marveled at the festive atmosphere of peace and camaraderie. One foreign tourist who visited the Tribal Village asked ‘This is Martial Law?’,” said City Tourism Officer GeneRose Tecson. She shared that last year’s tourism arrival for Kadayawan was at 175,000 and targeting 200,000 arrivals this 2018.


The spirit of Kadayawan lives in Davao’s 11 tribes. The Deputy mayors of the Davao tribes


That aside, the city is pumped up and amplifying the fun and gaiety with a line up of events both tried and tested and new. And to accommodate the list, the Kadayawan ceremony is happening a week early, on August 10, at Magsaysay Park.

Aside from the major Kadayawan highlights: Indak-Indak sa Kadayawan Street Dancing Competition (with a higher prize money at stake), Pamulak Float Parade and Hiyas sa Kadayawan, the festival will hold another installment of other successful events: the Habi Kadayawan Fashion Accessories Design Competition, Pitik Kadayawan Drumbeating Contest, Mugna Kadayawan Doodling Contest, Dragon Boat Festival, Sayaw Kadayawan, Tunog Kadayawan Song Writing Competition and the Kadayawan Village.

Launching this year are events that will add more flavor and color to the already exciting event. The Pananam Food Hall will be opened at the Magsaysay Park after the opening ceremonies. This will serve as the venue to showcase the 11 tribe’s delicacies. A great way to cap the cultural the Kadayawan Walking Tour.


“Kadayawan serves as a reminder for us to always go back to our roots and to our history.”—Mayor Sara Duterte


“We want to claim this year’s Kadayawan as the biggest festival ever.” – Festival Director Gatchi Gatchalian.
“We are targeting an increase in tourist arrivals this year,” said City Tourism Officer GeneRose Tecson.
“It’s a collective effort from all of us is needed to tell a Davao story,” Festival spokesperson & Security Committee Chairman, Ronald Go

Tribal details have made it to everyday fashion and it’s hot. The new fashion design competition, the Kadayawan Ball, will put the local designers to a test and see how they incorporate the details into contemporary wearable fashion for man and woman.

In another niche, the cosplayers will have a grand time with Kosplay Kadayawan. It’s a chance for them to showcase their creativity in this line of fashion with the Philippine Eagle as inspiration.

Engaging the festival revelers is in this year’s plan as well. More than witnessing and documenting the festival, they can now be part of the events. Guests can join and play with the tribal athletes in the Dula Kadayawan Tribal Games and, if in costume, get hop on the float in “Pamulak Kadayawan Experiential Ride”.

Mayor Sara Duterte had this wonderful messaged she shared, “Kadayawan serves as a reminder for us to always go back to our roots and to our history – a reminder that our journey to where we are today as a city is founded on the virtues of respect, tolerance, acceptance, and solidarity.”

By the sound of it, this is going to a more exciting festival indeed. Mark your calendars and be where you want to be on Kadayawan week. Have fun!


The Kadayawan Festival executive committee is up for the challenge


Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.

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