July 2018 musings: A bride’s dream & nightmares

Let’s start with the dress. Aside from the ring on that finger to seal forevermore, the bridal gown comes next as the most important item in a wedding. For that, the search can time (the gown, not the groom. But applicable as well). But when the right one presents itself, the bride will be doubly radiant when she takes to the aisle.

These days, there are would-be brides who go for pret-a-porter. Choosing from the rack gives the bride a chance to fit and view herself in the actual gown rather than just the mock up version in muslin. More importantly, the price tag is friendlier than a bespoke one.

The trend finally caught up with the PH designers. Francis Libiran is one of the designers offering lower-priced RTW gowns as an alternative to a costly couture piece.


Francis Libiran’s Mon Amour Bridal trunk show at marco Polo Davao


Recently, Libiran presented his Mon Amour Collection, a selection of curated, made-to-measure gowns, in a trunk show at Marco Polo Davao. This is his second time to do so.


July 2018 musings

Spotted a favorite at the Mon Amour trunk show


“The Mon Amour Collection was inspired by “Classical Romance”. The designs embody the mystery, magic, and beauty of falling in love. Romantic Era’s Literature, Art and 19th Century’s romantic ballet were the influences for this year’s bridal collection,” said Libiran.

I sat beside a would-be bride in the hunt for the perfect wedding dress. She wanted an off-the-rack piece herself. Did she single out her piece from the show?

Now let’s dress up the home.

Eating healthy is a lifestyle. The right attitude paired with the right home gadget can make it easier for the homemaker to achieve the goal.


July 2018 musings

Celebrity mom, Bettina Carlos, at the Philips Nothing Beats Caravan Roadshow at SM City Davao


Philips created kitchen appliances that makes cooking easier, faster, and yes, healthier. There’s an array but personally, two made it to the my must-have list: 1. The Avance Air Fryer is an oil-less fryer that can fry, bake, roast and grill the tastiest meals with less fat that a conventional fryer by using little or no oil; and 2. The Philips All in One Cooker is designed with an intelligent system. This machine can slow cook, pressure cook and multi cook.

Both gadgets are durable, easy to clean and makes for the best kitchen buddies.

To stay connected, the home needs the PLDT Best Buy Bundle. The recently-launched bundle promo enables clients to mix and match the unlimited PLDT Home Fibr, Cignal premium pay TV, and Smart mobile plans with the convenience of a unified bill. Sign in and get discounts and freebies.


July 2018 musings

Staying connected with peers at the PLDT Fibr Digital Fair


Turn your place into a “SmartHome” This levels up the digital lifestyle, like empowering subscribers to enjoy digital experience in and outside of the home.

Now for the honeymoon. You want to spice up your wedding night? Have some chili peppers.

Chili peppers are known to be aphrodisiacs. The capsaicin in peppers heats up the body and increases blood flow and may cause sexual desire.


July 2018 musings

At RBG Park Inn, Spicy & sweet desserts. Happy aphrodisiacs


You don’t have to prepare the meal. Just head to RBG at Park Inn Hotel for their latest food promo, the RBG Xplode.

Xplode is a set meal with everything spicy—on the slider, pizza, fries, including the desserts that comes with it.

If you’re tying the not anytime before July 31, Xplode will be available to “sexy you up.”  And, if you finish the meal in three minutes, you won’t have to pay for it.


Of Apples & Lemons.

A bride’s nightmare. Coordinators (C) are hired to “coordinate” ergo all suppliers are directly under C regardless of who tapped whom. C’s job is to make sure the wedding is a dream come true, with any snag dealt with accordingly minus the client’s involvement. This is leadership and professionalism.

Now if C has to badmouth a supplier (perhaps for personal gain?) then there is really something to about C’s attitude, no matter how long C has been in the industry.

It was C’s chance to be looked up to by peers if C acted the leader C should be. Saving the day for the supplier, and most especially the couple, would have cemented C’s stature as to why C is an industry leader—and could charge exorbitantly.

I’m not surprised to hear this about C. I’ve heard other horror stories involving this C.

At this point, suck on the 10 lemons, C.


Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.

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