Turn on the day with Owndays spectacles

It’s quite an unusual story, how the Japanese eyewear brand Owndays came up with its name.

“It’s ‘turning on’ your day when you wear the spectacle. So ‘on day’. It’s a fresh start everyday through our eyeglasses. That’s how the brand name came about,” said the company CEO Shuji Tanaka, explaining that the Japanese pronounce English word ‘on’ as ‘own’.


Owndays CEO Shuji Tanaka with Take Umiyama, Managing Director


Owndays was founded in 2002 by Yoshijo Moribe and in 2008, Tanaka took over the company. Under him, the company grew to more than 250 shops in 10 countries selling more than two million pairs of glasses annually.

The Japanese eyewear brand was franchised by the Lucerne Group in 2015 with the first branch opening in Estancia Mall, Pasig. Three years after, Owndays opened it’s 32nd store in Abreeza Mall in Davao City.


For good luck. Japanese “Kotani Homeless” joins in the opening of Owndays Davao


“We’re ending 2018 with about 40 stores,” said the Vohne Yao, Lucerne Group director, adding that they have surpassed Owndays’ requirement to open 30 stores in three years.


Chat with Vhone Yao, Lucerne Group director


There are about 1,500 styles per shop and new frames are added every 3-4 weeks, so there’s always something new to find in the store. This is the same fast fashion model that other big name brands are doing. So when you spot something you like, grab it. Some of the styles Owndays don’t replenish anymore.

The brand has its designers, but they do collaborations. There’s Japanese designer, Jun Hashimoto, for one. That’s a collection worth looking forward to.

What to own? Vhone suggests one from the Sen-Ichi Saku line. It’s handcrafted in Sabae, Japan by the artisan Sen-ichi. The frames are made from natural material Celluloid, lightweight and very stylish.


Senichi collection are Japenese crafted frames

“But the bestselling frame though is the Air Ultem collection. It’s made of Ultem, a material from Korea, and it’s the lightest frame in the store. It comes in a variety of styles, and it’s very flexible and durable,” he said.


Air Ultem, the bestselling frames

The average store size of Owndays is 120 sqm., significantly larger than most optical shops. The primary reason is to extend a comfortable shopping experience.

“Just like the fast-fashion brands, we have the open concept. Frames are displayed openly making it easier and fun to choose your styles. Maybe this is why we were able to expand quickly. The market loved the concept.”


The open concept extends an easier and more fun shopping experience


Feel free to try any frame you want


The frames’ prices come with the lens. The stores stock 3,500 high-quality lenses of all sorts of grades which are cut with precision with the in-store edging machine. Once you’ve selected a frame, the licensed in-house optometrists will facilitate the eye exams and you can get your high-quality glasses in 20 minutes.

“Owndays offer a one-year limited warranty on your pair. We’re the first optical shop to introduce warranty on the lens and frame. Accidents happen so if you break it, we offer a 50% off on the replacement. And if at any time you feel dizzy with the grade, we will replace it for you up to one time within the year at no charge. We also have a lifetime free maintenance on your glasses. We will clean it, tighten the screw in any Owndays shop across the globe.”


In-house lens cutting & cleaning services


“I have here a “a pair is on us” voucher, what will I get?” I asked.

“Feel free to choose any pair you like, graded lens included. Not progressive though,” said the big boss with a grin.

I chose the Japanese-made spectacle. Time to turn on my days with my own Owndays eyeglasses.


My choice? I will turn on my days with Owndays Sinichi eyeglasses


Also published in SunStar Davao newspaper.

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