September 2018 musings: Art & about in Davao

The city’s art scene is abuzz with excitement. The appreciation for visual creations is on a high and spaces across Davao are teeming with technicolored canvases. It’s a wave of I haven’t witnessed before. It’s the era for Davao artists.

Who do we credit for this? Perhaps the efforts of varied groups that simultaneously popped up? Or the earlier shows were ripples that swelled today? Whatever it was, this is good for both the artist and the audience.

This September alone, there has been a good number of exhibitions hosted by different groups around the city. Here are the few I caught.


1. Davao City, Early Eighties, Photographs by Arnel Villegas. Art Portal. (Until October 6)


Arnel Villegas in Art Portal. B&W photos of the 80’s

From hundreds of photographs through four decades, only fifteen shots from 1981-85 were chosen for this show.

During his breaks from work, the artist took to the streets to capture everyday life.

“Each photograph has a narrative of a single moment in time that subtly lays down the socio-economic and socio-political realities of that period.”


Catching everyday life in 80s Davao

AC Jeep


2. Paint A Song. Ground Floor, G/F Morning Light Art Gallery. (Ongoing)


96 artists in Paint A Song Exhibit at Morning Art Light Gallery

It was the gallery’s second open call exhibit for 2018. The theme? Choose your song and interpret it on canvas. 96 artists responded. It was well received with “nahalo ang love for music and the visual arts” as the common feedback.

Most importantly, the exhibit inspired the newbie artists. It gave them the chance to display their works side by side with the seasoned artists.

Gallery owner Mien Lim said she’s considering to host an open call exhibit twice a year.


Masdan Ang Mga Bata” by Asin. Squid Ink on paper by Marvin Tiberio



3. Sagrada Familia, A Sacred Exposition at Ateneo de Davao, Jacinto. (Until October 25)


Bro. Campos’ Processional Cross made of casting resin and beach sand from a Mindanao island

Biblical figures on canvas. Artist Bro. Edgardo Hugo Campos picks up Pope Francis’ message — Evangelizing the Church grows not by proselytizing but by attracting. [We should be] creating a church by welcoming people. [We should be] a friend to beauty, to art.

“Where there is art, the service of the Church is to humanize society. Its message is beautiful, attractive, consoling.”

The exhibit was mounted to celebrate the 70th year of Ateneo de Davao as a Jesuit university and the 70th year of diplomatic relations between Argentina and the Philippines.


Joseph’s Dream


4. Artists’ Initiative International Group Exhibit. 2/F Morning Light Art Gallery. (Ended)


Artists’ Initiative Int’l 3rd Group Show at Morning Light Gallery


Lead by Ega Carrion, this is the third exhibit by the group. Joining the exhibit were Josie Tionko, who showed her signature flowers, and Cristine Cardavas, who displayed her unique works of crochet on canvas.


Cristine Cardavas’ crochet on canvas at Artists’ Initiative Int’l Group Exhibit

Josie Tionko’s flower

Ega Carreon


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