Buying a new camera: a FujiFilm X-T100 or X-T3?


With the new cameras coming out in the market today, my camera is almost Jurassic. Yes, I’m considering to own a new, updated camera and still haven’t decided what brand and model I should own. I don’t mind waiting but the longer I do, the more I miss out on good quality shots (so I think).

I think I am surrounded with FujiFilm camera-toting peers and friends. And making the product weigh more are two good friends who are talents of the brand—ace fashion and portrait photographer Niko Villegas and travel photographer Joji Alcantara. (They shouldn’t be included in my survey because I know what their answers are going to be.)


FujiFilm Media Huddle Davao

Proud of these two Davao talents


When Niko comes to town for a FujiFilm workshop, I would pop up to say hello but never stay to learn his tricks of the trade. “A” on the camera dial (that stands for automatic) is my best friend and I am not the fidget-the-camera kind of photographer. I don’t know anything about aperture and other settings. I point and I shoot. That’s as far as my camera IQ goes.


FujiFilm Media Huddle Davao

Workshop time with Niko Villegas


FujiFilm Media Huddle Davao

Pointers from the pro


However, the recent “FujiFilm Media Huddle” workshop by the two photographers I went to. Maybe I was there to support my friends. Or was it because the circumstance was leading me to finally own a FujiFilm camera and discover the wonders of the gadget?

“The X-T100 is just right for your needs,” said Niko, knowing that I take lots of photos when I travel and attend socials which I use for my stories in SunStar Davao. He knows, too, that I take my product shots for my silver jewelry brand Argento Del Salvador which I post in social media.

In this gathering, FujiFilm’s Len Catanghal (senior marketing leader); Glen Gatan (product specialist), Niki Sigcang (marketing specialist); Joseph Monis (product specialist) and Anne Margaret Bedua (trade retail officer) presented two of its latest models, X-T100 and X-T3, to their Davao audience.


FujiFilm Media Huddle Davao

The FujiFilm team from Manila


Fuji X-T100, tiny yet mighty.

The easy-to-use and versatile camera for photography or vlogging is compact yet jam-packed camera that boast of features such as magnification electronic viewfinder, a horizontal tilting rear LCD screen, and an extended battery life of up to 430 frames of 100 minutes of video shooting.

It has a powerful 24.2 megapixel APS-C size sensor, which is 14 time bigger than the sensor of an average smartphone.

The retro yet sleek X-T100 comes in three colors- dark silver, black and champagne gold, and retails at Php 39,990.


FujiFilm Media Huddle Davao

The new mirrorless camareas in the X Series family- FujiFIlm X-T3 & T-T100


X-T3 for next level photography.

This is a high performance premium camera and designed to satisfy both one’s photography and videography needs. It has dials for adjusting exposure settings and high-resolution viewfinder, a weather resistant magnesium body.

The X-T3 is an improved version of its predecessors. It now has higher image quality (with its black illuminated 26.1MP X-Tans CMOS 4 APS-C sensor), improved autofocus performance (up to 1.5 times faster processing speed that current models), enhancement in tracking performance of fast-moving objects with its 425 Phase Detect AF points covering approximately 100% of the frame, and 4:2:0 10bit internal video recording fit for professionals.

FujiFilm X-T3 comes in black or silver and retails at  Php 86,990 for the body and  Php 109,990 for the kit.


FujiFilm Media Huddle Davao

Tools of the trade– and boy are these expensive


I took the X-T100 for a test run and shot a few images. Niko and Joji are right. The X-T100 will suit my needs— because it’s what I can afford, too. LOL.


FujiFilm Media Huddle Davao

This I shot using the X-T100