LM x Kamiseta puts Heart on your sleeve

Let’s make that literal this time around. Heart Evangelista launched her clothing line in collaboration with the local brand, Kamiseta. The collection though will not carry the artist’s movie screen name but her real name, Love Marie, thus, the LM x Kamiseta collection.

Everything the artist does away from the silver screen is about Love Marie, like her passion for painting and clothes. Her recent endeavor married her love for both art and fashion.


LM x Kamiseta launched at Chimes. artist Love Marie Escudero, brand owner Christina Roque, and Chimes’ Cindy Yap



“When I was making my paintings I was going through a lot. (With LM x Kamiseta) it’s like you’re wearing my colorful tears. Me sharing my paintings I worked so hard and to put it on my clothing represent pride, hope. My paintings are colorful because I am a very hopeful person— I dream big. Hopefully when you wear these clothes and face the world, you will feel very empowered,” said the artist.

“I always love dressing up. It has always been my way of expressing myself. When you enter your teens, you become conscious about what people would say, but you what I learned? As long you feel good about yourself, you don’t have to follow the rules of how to dress up. If it looks good, if it feels good, it automatically makes you beautiful. That’s what I want to share.”




“It’s really about finding your sense of self worth and love for yourself. Be confident about yourself.”

The collection is described as classy, classic and timeless. It will be presented in capsules that will include separates, dresses and accessories in limited number of pieces. Every two months for a period of 18 months, a new capsule collection will be released.

“Love Marie is the epitome of a Kamiseta girl. She is really, honestly beautiful inside and out,” said Kamiseta brand owner, Christina Roque.

Why made her say yes to the invitation to collaborate? She said she’s been on the lookout for someone to turn her art into clothes and she found the perfect partner in Kamiseta.


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Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper