Rakugo in Davao Episode Two

They made Davao laugh two years ago and they came back to do it again. It was another serving of Japanese comedy—in English—that delighted the audience again. Three Japanese Rakugo masters from the first episode made it back to the city: Katsura Kaishi, Katsura Asakichi and Katsura Fukuryu. Joining them were Hayashiya Emimaru, who relates his humorous stories using a traditional mask and Yose fans, and Akatsuki Anko, a traditional foot juggler.


Katsura Kaishi, Rakugo master

Katsura Asakichi, Rakugo master

Katsura Fukuryu, Rakugo master


"Dance of a 60-year old woman" by Hayashiya Emimaru

Akatsuki Anko, traditional foot juggler


What is Rakugo? It’s the Japanese art of storytelling. It has been entertaining the Japanese for more than 400 years and is still very popular to this day. Imagination is the key to truly have fun in Rakugo shows.


Hayashiya Emimaru in his "Dance of many pines"

Traditional masks and Yose fans are used in Hayashiya Emimaru’s performances

It’s a one-man show. The storyteller sits on small cushion on an elevated platform, and take the the role of a Samurai or geisha, a merchant or a burglar, the child or the father. With only two props—a Japanese fan and hand towel, the artist delivers the humorous side of traditional Japan.


A fan and a hand tower, the props of a Rakugo performer



The show was presented by All Nippon Airways and The Japan Foundation, Manila in cooperation with the Consulate General of Japan in Davao.

The Japan Foundation, Manila’s Mr. Uesegi welcoming guests to the show


Laughter is the best medicine, shared Japanese ConGen in Davao Yoshiaki Miwa

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Japanese ConGen Yoshiaki Miwa flanked by ANA’s Akihiro Hosoya & Gail Malones

Chinese ConGen Li Lin & Qui Aiping

Hon. Consul to Korea Edgar Ang and Eetang Ang

PH Hon. Consul of Czech Republic Guilbert Go and DCCCI Art Milan

I'm now a big fan of Rakugo! With the cast